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Stinging Nettle Whole Dried Seeds 25g-200g - Urtica Dioica

$13.85 to $28.65

MSM Methylsulfonylmethane Powder 25g-200g - Dimethyl Sulfone

$13.60 to $26.40

Organic Dandelion Herb Dried Cut Root Loose Tea 25g-200g - Taraxacum Officinale

$13.20 to $24.75

Sandarac Incense Resin Tears 25g-200g - Tetraclinis Articulata

$14.45 to $34.70

Dried Kola Nut Halves Cola Nut 25g-200g - Cola Nitida

$12.90 to $22.40

Lavender Dried Flowers Herb Tea 25g-200g - Lavandula Hybrida

$13.60 to $25.00

Opopanax Resin Sweet Myrrh Gum Incense 25g- 200g - Opopanax Chironium

$14.15 to $31.00

Milk Thistle Seeds Loose Herb Tea 25g-200g - Silybum Marianum

$12.95 to $21.60

Yellow Psyllium Indian Whole Seeds 25g-200g - Plantago Indica

$13.20 to $23.35

Red Poppy Dried Whole Flowers Loose Herb 25g-200g - Rhoeados Papaveris

$14.30 to $30.40

Greek Cretan Labdanum Resin 25g-200g - Cistus Creticus

$16.80 to $52.25

Chamomile Camomile Loose Dried Flowers 25g-200g - Matricaria Recutita

$13.85 to $26.70

Chios Mastic Gum Masticha - Small Tears 25g-200g - Pistacia Lentiscus L.

$18.40 to $65.05

Sweet Wormwood Mugwort Dried Cut Leaves & Stems 25g-200g - Artemisia Annua L.

$12.80 to $22.00

Wild Garlic Leaf Powder Loose Herb 25g-200g - Allium Ursinum

$13.50 to $25.60

Red Vine Cut Leaves Loose Leaf Tea 25g-200g - Vitis Vinifera

$13.20 to $24.90

Irish Moss Dried Sea Moss 25g-200g - Chondrus Crispus

$13.85 to $29.75

Common Sorrel Dried Leaves & Stems 25g-200g - Rumex Acetosa

$13.60 to $25.00

Hibiscus Dried Flowers Loose Herb 25g-200g - Hibiscus Sabdariffa

$13.65 to $25.10

Sea Buckthorn Whole Dried Berries 25g-200g - Hippophae Rhamnoides

$13.40 to $24.85

Cloves Buds Whole 25g-200g - Syzygium Aromaticum

$13.35 to $24.50

Lemon Balm Dried Leaves Leaf Loose Herbal Tea 25g-200g - Melissa Officinalis

$13.75 to $26.00

Organic Chickweed Dried Leaves & Stems Herbal Tea 25g-200g - Stellaria Media

$13.10 to $23.90

Bird's Eye Chili Dried Whole Peppers 300g-1.95kg - Capsicum Frutescens

$38.60 to $120.90

Pu Erh Black Chinese Loose Tea 25g-200g - Camellia Sinensis

$13.40 to $24.90

Green Chinese Tea Gunpowder 3505 Loose Leaf 25g-200g - Camellia Sinensis

$13.15 to $22.90

Lemon Verbena Dried Leaves Loose Tea 25g-200g - Aloysia Citrodora

$14.65 to $33.30

Ashwagandha Root Powder Indian Ginseng 25g-200g - Withania Somnifera

$13.70 to $27.55

Raw Chia Seeds 25g-200g - Salvia Hispanica

$13.10 to $22.60

Stinging Nettle Dried Leaves Loose Herbal Tea 25g-200g - Urtica Dioica

$13.65 to $25.00

Linden Dried Leaves And Flowers Loose Herbal 25g-200g - Tilia Cordata

$13.95 to $27.50

Sweet Paprika Powder 120 ASTA Premium Quality 25g-200g - Capsicum Annuum

$13.20 to $23.55

Green Chinese Caramel Tea Loose Dried Leaves 25g-200g - Camellia Sinensis

$13.50 to $25.60

Senna Pods Coarse Powder Loose Herb 25g-200g - Senna Alexandrina

$12.95 to $22.00

Rowan Whole Dried Berries Mountain Ash 25g-200g - Sorbus Aucuparia

$13.10 to $22.50

Dried Whole Cranberries 25g-200g - Oxycoccus - SUGAR FREE

$13.35 to $24.65

Yerba Mate Loose Dried Leaves 25g-200g - Ilex paraguariensis

$13.00 to $22.40

Dittany of Crete Dried Leaves 300g-1.95kg - Origanum Dictamnus

$38.65 to $153.20

Water Lily Cut Root 25g-200g - Nuphar Lutea

$13.75 to $29.10

Hawthorn Whole Dried Berries 25g-200g - Crataegus Monogyna

$13.05 to $22.10

Lapacho Taheebo Pau D’Arco Bark Loose Tea 25g-200g - Tabebuia Impetiginosa

$13.10 to $23.65

Raw Guarana Seed Powder Natural Stimulant 25g-200g - Paullinia Cupana

$13.70 to $27.20

Organic Raw Criollo Cacao Beans Powder 25g-200g - Theobroma Cacao

$13.20 to $23.30

Senna Pods Loose Herbal Tea 25g-200g - Senna Alexandrina

$13.50 to $23.90

Ceylon Cinnamon Powder Grade A Premium Quality 25g-200g - Cinnamomum Verum

$13.15 to $23.00

Camu Camu Organic Berry Powder 25g-200g - Myrciaria Dubia

$14.00 to $41.00

Black Psyllium Whole Seeds Dietary Fibre 25g-200g - Plantago Arenaria

$13.10 to $22.40

Eastern Red Cedar Whole Dried Berries 25g-200g - Juniperus Virginiana

$13.15 to $23.10

About us

YouHerbIt is an online shop based in Patras,Greece. Just like the name says,we specialise in herbs as well as teas,spices and handmade olive oil soaps.
Our goal is to supply nature's products at affordable prices in order to make these products easily acquired by everyone.
So please just "YouHerbIt"
Location: GreeceMember since: May 13, 2004Seller: youherbit_greece
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Business name: YOU HERBIT HELLAS ΕΤΕΡΟΡΡΥΘΜΗ ΕΤΑΙΡΕΙΑFirst name: konstantinosLast name: SpiliadisAddress: Ipeirou 15, 26223 Patra, GreecePhone Number: 6979700331Email: info@youherbit.comVAT number: EL 802456603

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Satisfaite de l'emballage, bien conserver avec soin, j'ai bien reçu mon colis en bon état, le délai de la livraison un peu tardive, le principal s'est que j'ai pu recevoir enfin mon achat, vendeur bien aimable, appris soin de suivre mon colis et de mon informer cause retard et livraison. Vendeur que je conseille pour un bien être bien à base plante qui va me permettre l'arrêt au tabac. Merci
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2ème commande, origan de qualité supérieure voir même exceptionnelle ! Le meilleur origan possible à mon avis, emballage encore fermé et pourtant j'ai les yeux qui piquent déjà. Livré de la Grèce à la Suisse en 5 jours, vendeur très professionnel avec contacts et échanges les plus agréables et cordiaux. Réponse rapide aux questions. Un des vendeurs les plus recommandable de la plate-forme. Merci infiniment et longue vie à votre entreprise.
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Top! Alles wie beschrieben. Wurde früher als vom käufer kommuniziert geliefert. Die Qualität vom Mastix ist deutlich besser als die von Händlern innerhalb Deutschlands. Der Verkäufer hat alles wichtige per Chat kommuniziert und war immer freundlich und hilfsbereit.
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Great communications from the seller. Really pleased with the product and price, arrived on time too. Would recommend and would definitely buy from this seller again.
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Outstanding Communication/Customer Service, Fast Shipping, Item as Described, A+++ Seller, Perfect!
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Consistent communication. Quality product. Fair pricing. Securely packaged. Speedy despatch. Thank you. 😊