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Patchblanket Boy Scout Memorabilia

125K Items sold

OA Flaps and Issues

OA Blue Heron Lodge 349 Neckerchief [PW179]

$41.007 bids1d 16h 12m

Karankawa Lodge 307 OA Flap Gulf Coast Council BLU Bdr. [PW143]

$8.951 bid1d 4h 14m

Chattahoochee Lodge 204 OA S21 Flap Chattahoochee Council BLK Bdr. [PW139]

$12.950 bids1d 4h 6m

So-Aka-Gha-Gwa Lodge 212 OA Flap Hoosier Trails Council WHT Bdr. [PW141]

$8.950 bids1d 4h 10m

Unami Lodge 1 Cradle of Liberty Council RED Bdr. [PW101]


Chanco Lodge 483 OA S1 Flap Old Dominion Area Council YLW Bdr. [KS836]


Blue Heron Lodge 349 OA Flap Tidewater Council RED Bdr. [PW164]

$8.950 bids4d 4h 45m

Michigamea Lodge 110 OA Flap Calumet Council RED Bdr. [PW128]

$8.950 bids4h 4m

Ma-Ka-Tai-Me-She-Kia-Kiak Lodge 140 OA Flap Blackhawk Area Council BLK Bdr. [PW1

$8.950 bids4h 12m

Tuckahoe Lodge 386 OA New Birth of Freedom Council Council Neckerchief [PW181]


2005 National Scout Jamboree JSP 95th Ann. West Tennessee DBL Bdr. [ELL-1200]


1974 Octoraro Lodge 22 OA Chester County Council Neckerchief [PW276]


San Gorgonio Lodge 298 OA Flap Orange County Council BLK Bdr. [PW136]

$8.950 bids4h 20m

2006 Bob White Lodge Dixie Fellowship Knox Scout ReservationW/Pin RED Bdr. [KS9


OA Ho-Nan-Ne-Ho Lodge 16 S19 Flap RED Bdr Allegheny Highlands NY [STS452]


Allegewi Lodge 455 OA Flap Elk Lick Council RED Bdr. [PW156]

$8.950 bids2d 4h 20m

2010 Conclave Vigil Rededication 161 Tutelo Lodge [EX1154]


Minsi Lodge 5 OA Twill Flap Reading-Berks County Council GRY Bdr. [PW109]


Suanhacky Lodge 49 OA Flap Greater New York, Queens Council Orange Bdr. [PW120]


1973 National OA Conference Santa Barbara California Neckerchief [PW178]


OA Kaskanampo Lodge 310 P5 Neckerchief Tennessee Valley Council AL [AL147]


Pellissippi Lodge 230 OA S4 Flap Great Smoky Mountains Council RED Bdr. (SEWN) [


1974 Octoraro Lodge 22 OA Chester County Council Neckerchief [PW277]

$28.950 bids4d 4h 49m

Octoraro Lodge 22 OA Flap Chester County Council GRN Bdr. [PW256]


Bert Adams 76 Area 5 Conclave OR Bdr. [PW160]


OA 43 Woapalanne 2006 Ordeal LYL Bdr. [PAT-1499]


1922-1972 Nentico Lodge 12 OA Baltimore Area Council RED Bdr. [PW174]


Susquehannock Lodge 11 OA Keystone Area Council BLK Bdr. [PW171]

$12.950 bids2d 4h 8m

OA 120 Chief Shabbona F1 WAB Issue Changed Name 1963 Ne Con Che Moka [G2048]


OA Kcumkum Lodge 285 F1 First Flap Rated 10 Twin Harbors Area Council Hoquiam WA


Amiskwi Lodge 505 OA Flap Yankee Clipper Council BRWN Bdr. [KS832]


OA Lodge 70 Tsoiotsi Tsogalii S15 / X9 2004 10th Anniv. Old North State [H5103]


Wipala Wiki Lodge 432 OA Flap Grand Canyon Council RED Bdr. [PW155]

$8.950 bids2d 4h 18m

2010 Winer Banquet Tutelo Lodge 161 CSP Blue Ridge Mountains Council BLK Bdr. [V


Mohawk Lodge 267 OA F2 Flap Uncle Sam Council BLK Bdr. [KS885]


OA 360 Shinnecock F2 Twill Flap YEL Bdr. SCC, New York [JB-1593]


OA Lodge Tsalagi S8b Flap BLK Backstitch Cherokee Council Merged 1994 [Y763]


Mayi Lodge 354 OA Flap Golden Empire Council RED Bdr. [PW147]

$8.950 bids2d 4h 3m

Witauchsoman Lodge 44 OA Flap Minsi Trails Council GOLD Bdr. [PW118]


Witauchsoman Lodge 44 OA Flap Minsi Trails Council SILVER Bdr. [PW121]


Kittatinny Lodge 5 Flap OA Reading-Berks County Council YLW Bdr. [PW106]


Witauchsoman Lodge 44 OA Flap Minsi Trails Council RED Bdr. [PW123]


Lekau Lodge 77 OA Flap Camden County Council RED Bdr. [PW127]

$8.950 bids4h 2m

Hytone Lodge 416 OA Flap Appalachian Council YLW Bdr. [KS782]


NOAC 2009 Tecumseh Lodge 65 Panther Patch [SPHQ2014]


Sanhican George Washington Council YLW Bdr. [PW102]


Hunnikick Lodge 76 OA Flap Burlington County Council BLK Bdr. [PW129]

$8.950 bids4h 6m

Sanhican George Washington Council RED Bdr. [PW104]


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I started on eBay in 1998 and during that time I've received over 81,000+ positive feedback ratings from happy customers. Today the Patchblanket Boy Scout Memorabilia eBay Store is the largest in the category with over 65k+ items and growing. Every week I am adding new merchandise using an auction first strategy for most items. Starting in 2010 I have been publishing a collectors newsletter 3/week to over 5,000+ subscribers called the Scouting Hot Finds. Since 2012 I have been publishing a podcast for the hobby where I interview interesting people called Scouting Hot Finds Radio. On YouTube I post unboxing videos and other content showing projects I'm working on. Meanwhile, I am very active on FB where back in 2012 I was the co-founder of the Scout Patch Collectors Group. With over 18k members this is the largest gathering of Scouting memorabilia enthusiasts on the Internet. I am also the owner of Best Hobby Pages which has been a collector favorite since 2009.
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