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Pure Natural, True Authentic

Spices and premium blends for gourmets

Pure Natural, True Authentic

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Tzatziki Spice King Greek Vegetable Spices Blend Sauce Seasoning 40g 1.4oz


Imeretian Saffron Spice King Pure Petals Ground Georgian seasoning 25 g 0.88 oz


Cretan Oregano Spice King Greek Origanum Onites 20 g 0.7 oz


Chorizo Peligroso Spice King Mexican Hot Sausages Blend Bbq Seasoning 50 g 1.7oz


Cevapcici Spice King Serbian Cevapi Grilled Sausages Blend Seasoning 50 g 1.76oz


Megrelian Ajika Spice King Georgian Hot Seasoning Blend Authentic 50g 1.76oz


California Spice King American Citrus Spices Blend Seasoning 50 g 1.76 oz


Oregano Buds Spice King Turkish Origanum Balls Specialty Herb 15 g 0.52 oz


Greek Oregano Hirtum Spice King Greek Kaliteri World's Best Origanum 20 g 0.7 oz


Turkish Oregano Spice King Origanum Herb 15 g 0.52 oz


Peruvian Oregano Hoja Peru Leaves Spice King Origanum vulgare Glass 20 g 0.7 oz


Piri Piri Spice King Portuguese Blend Caldo Verde Seasoning 50g 1.76oz


Churrasco Spice King Brazilian Spices Blend Grilling Seasoning 40g 1.4oz


Imeretian Saffron Petals Spice King Marigold Georgian Seasoning 1L 50 g 1.76 oz


Oregano Buds Spice King Turkish Origanum Balls Specialty Herb 25 g 0.88 oz


Stainless steel ring Golden Star on red glass


Peruvian Oregano Hoja Peru Leaves Spice King Origanum vulgare 15 g 0.52 oz


French Marigold Spice King Tagetes Flowers Ground Georgian seasoning 25g 0.88oz


Wild Thyme Dried Leaves Spice King Thymus capitatus Turkish Zahter 30 g 1.05 oz


Cajun Spice King American Creole Spices Blend Jambalaya Seasoning 500g 17.6oz


Sicilian Salt Spice King Italian Taste Blend Seasoning 100 g 3.52 oz


Schweizer Steak Spice King Swiss Blend steak lake fish Seasoning 40 g 1.41 oz


Orange Pepper Spice King American Fusion Taste Blend Seasoning 60 g 2.11 oz


Matcha Tea Samurai Spirit Spice King Japan Culinary Grade glass jar 60 g 2.1 oz


Taco Spice King Mexican Blend Seasoning taco burrito fajita 60 g 2.1 oz


Imeretian Saffron Spice King Marigold Petals Georgian seasoning 5 g 0.17 oz


French Marigold Spice King Tagetes Flowers Dried Georgian seasoning 5 g 0.17 oz


Utskho Suneli Ground Seeds Spice King Georgian Blue Fenugreek Powder 50 g 1.7 oz


Sumac Ground Spice King Rhus aromatica Turkish Sumak Premium 60 g 2.11 oz


Bouquet Garni Spice King French Herbs Blend Seasoning 30 g 1.05 oz


Juniper Dried Berries Spice King Juniperus communis 40 g 1.41 oz


Golden Latte Spice King Crown Blend for Coffee with Saffron 50 g 1.76oz


Italian Herbs Blend Seasoning Pesto Mediterraneo Spice King 50 g 1.76 oz


Support Ukraine Ethnic dish recipe e-card pdf file

$10.00 to $100.00

Diademe Noir Spice King Crown Coffee Blend with Criollo & Vanilla 50 g 1.76oz


Pinchito Spice King Spanish Kebab Shashlik Spices Blend Bbq Seasoning 500g 17oz


Svanetian Salt Spice King Svanuri Marili Georgian Seasoning Blend 60 g 2.11 oz


Sichuan Pepper Spice King Szechuan Pepper Zanthoxylum simulans 30 g 1.05 oz


Jalapeno Cheddar Spice King Mexican Cheese Spices Blend with Chipotle 60g 2.11oz


Hachee Spice King Dutch Stew Blend Juniper Netherlands Seasoning 60 g 2.11 oz


Chimichurri Spice King Argentine Asado Parrilla Barbecue bbq Seasoning 30g 1.0oz


Tormentil Ground Root Spice King Potentilla erecta Powder 60 g 2.11 oz


Lemongrass Powder Spice King Cymbopogon Citronella Ground 30 g 1.05 oz


Franconian Pepper Spice King German Spices Blend Juniper Seasoning 50 g 1.76 oz


Pimenton de la Vera Spice King Spanish Sweet Smoked Paprika Powder 50 g 1.7 oz


Falafel Spice King Israeli Blend for vegetarian balls Seasoning 50 g 1.76 oz


Loomi Dried Lime Spice King Limoo Amani Noomi Basra Citrus aurantiifolia 0.35 oz


Bogracs Spice King Hungarian Fusion Blend Gulyas Leves Soup Seasoning 60g 2.11oz


About us

Stand With Ukraine!
We safely fly from Poland!
Now our blends are used for military meals as well.

SPICE KING is the Ukrainian supplier of the widest selection of pure natural spices and true authentic blends of all continents since 2011.

We are No.1 craft made spices brand in Ukraine and the only participant in The Great Taste Awards (London, UK) in our region.

We export to 67 cities in 11 countries: Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, France, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Switzerland, UK, USA (51 cities in 23 states).

The average parcel transit time:
- in 2022 - 27 days (min. 13, max. 47 days);
- in 2023 - 21 days (min. 18, max. 27 days).

Outside 130 restaurants in Ukraine, chefs test our blends in tens of top restaurants of Warsaw, Poland, and Istanbul, Türkiye.

'Pure natural' means we do not use any artificial chemical additives like GMO, added MSG, citric acid, ethylvanillin, flavorings and dyes etc.
Location: UkraineMember since: Dec 16, 2021Seller: ethnofoods

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