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New Zealand Scott AR64 Gibbons F163 Mint Stamp$580.00
Aitutaki Scott 25-35 Gibbons 16-31 on Cover$450.00
Austrian Offices in Cyprus Scott 02A39 Gibbons 02A39 Used Stamp$580.00
Great Britain Scott 176 Gibbons 403 Never Hinged Stamp$8,930.00
Gold Coast Scott 28 Gibbons 27b Used Stamp$500.00
Palestine Scott 48 Variety Gibbons 71a Variety Used Stamp$2,630.00
New Zealand Scott OY6 Gibbons L6 Used Stamp$400.00
Papua New Guinea Gibbons 1-8 Mint Set of Stamps$1,050.00
Cape of Good Hope Scott 7a Gibbons 13a Used Stamp$1,790.00
East Africa and Uganda Protectorate Scott 62c Gibbons 64d Mint Stamp$5,250.00
Turks Islands Scott 6 Gibbons 6 Mint Stamp$5,520.00
North West Pacific Islands Scott 13-26a Gibbons 86-99a Mint Set of Stamps$740.00
Canada Scott 100 Gibbons 192 Mint Stamp$320.00
Iraq Scott 0 Gibbons 0 on Cover$530.00
Falkland Islands Scott 65-76 Gibbons 127-138 Never Hinged Set of Stamps$11,030.00
British Guiana Scott 39 Variety 4 Gibbons 120e Used Stamp$690.00
Seychelles Scott Gibbons 0.1 on Cover$3,940.00
Egypt Scott 155-158 Variety Gibbons 178a-181a Mint Set of Stamps$580.00
Tonga Scott 25-26 Gibbons 25-26 on Cover$4,990.00
Tonga Scott 36c Gibbons 36Ba Block of Stamps$5,520.00
New Zealand Scott 9h Gibbons 14 Used Stamp$790.00
Malaya / Pahang Scott 3 Gibbons 3 Mint Stamp (1)$290.00
India / Patiala Scott 24 Gibbons 30 Mint Stamp$370.00
Zanzibar Scott J1-J11 Gibbons D1-D17 Mint Set of Stamps$280.00
Falkland Islands Scott 76 Gibbons 138 Never Hinged Stamp$6,570.00
New Zealand Scott 10 Gibbons 17 Used Stamp$3,420.00
Mesopotamia Scott N53 Gibbons 15 Never Hinged Stamp$1,580.00
Australia / South Australia Scott 3 Gibbons 3 Mint Stamp$2,940.00
Bahamas Scott MR10 Variety Gibbons 100w Mint Stamp$630.00
Gold Coast Scott 27.1 on Cover$500.00
Transvaal Scott 106 Gibbons 140a Used Stamp$450.00
Rhodesia Scott 66c Gibbons 84b Mint Stamp$450.00
Southern Nigeria Scott 31 Gibbons 32 Mint Stamp$420.00
Malaya / Johore Scott 101-122 Gibbons 103-125 Used Set of Stamps$950.00
St. Kitts-Nevis Scott 62 Gibbons 58 Never Hinged Stamp$840.00
Jordan Scott 300-301 Variety Gibbons 381A-382A Mint Set of Stamps$230.00
Trinidad Scott 63 Gibbons 100 Used Stamp$300.00
Jordan Scott 299 Variety Gibbons 380B Never Hinged Stamp$130.00
Gold Coast Scott 63 Gibbons 66 Used Stamp$500.00
Gibraltar Scott 132-145 Gibbons 145-158 Mint Set of Stamps$130.00
Egypt Scott 121-124 Gibbons 141-144 Mint Set of Stamps$3,420.00
Canada Scott 64 Gibbons 139 Never Hinged Stamp$3,940.00
Canada / New Brunswick Scott 2 Gibbons 4 on Cover$1,840.00
Cayman Islands Scott 85-96 Gibbons 96-107 Never Hinged Set of Stamps$580.00
Mauritius / Used in the Seychelles Scott A15-A17 Gibbons Z17-Z20 on Cover$5,780.00
Niger Coast Protectorate Scott 56 Variety Gibbons 67c Used Stamp$480.00
New Zealand Scott 111e-120e Gibbons 308-317 Mint Set of Stamps$1,000.00
Australia Scott 13s-15s Gibbons 14s-16s Specimen$1,420.00

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Colonial Stamp Company was founded in 1975 by George Holschauer. Since it's inception Colonial Stamp Company has served as a major US dealer in the stamps and postal history of the British Empire 1840-1935 while also dealing extensively in rare foreign stamps. George offers concierge service in the formation of world class collections and acts as an agent and adviser to many collectors with numerous properties that span the entire globe.
Location: United StatesMember since: Aug 29, 2016Seller: colonialstampcompany

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