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Peruvian PYRITE Metamorphosis Crystal Skull - Wisdom, Stability

$45.000 bids6d 5h 42m

Madagascar Black BASALT Palm Stone - Compassionate Detachment

$16.800 bids1d 7h 29m

Lg. Brazilian Rose Quartz PRAYING ANGEL - Stone of LOVE! w/ Synergy 18+ yrs

$45.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Howlite CRYSTAL SKULL - Boost Memory, Aid Creativity - w/ Synergy 7+ years

$22.400 bids1d 7h 29m

Dragon's Blood Jasper CRYSTAL SKULL - Enhance Emotional+Spiritual Growth

$21.4433% off

Celadonite Pocket / Palm Stone - Connect w/ Nature Beings, Heart Chakra

$16.800 bids6d 5h 40m

Natural Bloodstone + Moss Agate Mix CRYSTAL SKULL - Calming, Boost Self-Esteem

$56.000 bids6d 5h 40m

Madagascar Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone - Protection, Detachment

$17.4233% off

Carnelian CRYSTAL SKULL - Courage, Manifest your desires

$22.0833% off

Amethyst ANUNNAKI STYLE Crystal Skull w/ Smoky Phantoms

$42.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Smoky Quartz Crystal Skull w/ Lovely Rainbows - w/ Synergy 10+ yrs

$32.1633% off

~Sparkly~ Quartz + Lepidolite Crystal Skull - Optimism, Calm

$46.9033% off

~Sparkly~ Titanium Flame Arkansas Quartz Crystal Cluster

$17.500 bids4d 5h 31m

Emerald Green HELENITE Crystal Skull - Heart Chakra - w/ Synergy 7+ yrs

$23.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Shungite TREE OF LIFE Pendant - Connect w/ Mother Earth

$20.000 bids6d 5h 40m

Golden Tiger Eye CRYSTAL SKULL - Optimism! - w/ Synergy 14+ years

$21.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Small LEPIDOLITE Crystal Skull - AKA Lavenderine - Relaxation, Optimism

$18.7633% off

Peruvian BLUE OPAL Crystal Skull - Creativity, Communication

$25.000 bids1d 7h 29m

Polished Malachite Free-form Pocket / Palm Stone - Heart Chakra, Prosperity

$20.1033% off

Golden "Andara" Obsidian CRYSTAL SKULL - Self-Healing, Balance Chakras

$38.500 bids4d 5h 31m

Light Amethyst CRYSTAL SKULL - Dream Work - w/ Synergy 8+ yrs

$23.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Apophyllite Crystal Cluster w/ Peachy Stilbite Crystal - Intuition, Divination

$20.7733% off

~Mesmerizing~ Crazy Lace Agate CRYSTAL SKULL - w/ Synergy 7+ yrs

$36.8533% off

Crazy Lace Agate CRYSTAL SKULL w/ VUGS - Laughter, Balance

$22.0833% off

Brazilian QUE SERA STONE Crystal Pendulum w/ Chain - Embrace the positive!

$10.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Red Spiral Jasper CRYSTAL SKULL - Promote Focus + Clarity - w/ Synergy 4+ yrs

$26.000 bids1d 7h 29m

Angel Phantom Quartz Crystal Point - AKA Amphibole Quartz - Emotional balance

$25.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Synergy 7 / "Melody's Stone" CRYSTAL SKULL - Healing work, Balance Chakras

$23.4533% off

Polished CHIASTOLITE Free-Form Crystal Wand w/ Shimmery Rainbows - C8

$23.4533% off

Madagascar DENDRITIC AGATE Crystal Pocket / Palm Stone w/ Bi-Colored Dendrites

$12.600 bids4d 5h 31m

CHAROITE Pocket / Palm Stone - Transformation, Release Negativity

$17.500 bids1d 7h 29m

Golden "Andara" Obsidian CRYSTAL SKULL - Self-Healing, Balance Chakras

$35.000 bids1d 7h 29m

Quartz CRYSTAL SKULL w/ Chlorite, Hematite, Shimmery Rainbows

$25.000 bids6d 5h 40m

Madagascar Indigo Gabbro Palm Stone - Compassionate Detachment

$17.500 bids6d 5h 40m

Ferruginous Quartz AKA Fire Quartz Crystal Specimen - Grounding, Divine Light

$16.100 bids4d 5h 31m

Banded Aragonite CRYSTAL SKULL - Grounding, Decrease stress

$42.000 bids6d 5h 40m

Red Spiral Jasper CRYSTAL SKULL w/ Hematite inclusions - w/ Synergy 4+ yrs

$23.4533% off

~Lovely~ Grape Chalcedony Crystal Cluster - 3rd Eye Chakra, Intuition

$15.0050% off

~Flashy~ Madagascar Iridescent RED AMMONITE Fossil - Root Chakra, Stability

$20.1033% off

Dumortierite CRYSTAL SKULL - Balance Throat Chakra, Communication

$16.0833% off

Howlite CRYSTAL SKULL - Root Chakra, Combat Negativity

$16.7533% off

Rhodonite Crystal Ball / Sphere - Open Heart Chakra - w/ Synergy 15+ yrs

$35.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Carnelian FLAME OF LIFE Standing Stone w/ Cool VUGS - Joy, Courage

$33.000 bids1d 7h 29m

~Intense~ Ametrine Spirit Quartz Crystal Cluster w/ Hematite

$35.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Banded Aragonite CRYSTAL SKULL - Grounding, Decrease stress - w/ Synergy 6+ yrs

$21.000 bids4d 5h 31m

Titanium Flame Quartz CRYSTAL SKULL w/ Stunning Druzy Lined VUGS

$44.000 bids4d 5h 31m

SODALITE Crystal Skull - Communication, Connect Head+Heart - w/ Synergy 15+ yrs

$40.2033% off

Dark Honey Calcite AKA Amber Calcite Crystal Specimen - Stamina, Intuition

$9.800 bids4d 5h 31m

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Crystal skulls, gemstone carvings, crystal and mineral specimens, jewelry and other unique items! These are offered by the Guardian of the Ancient Crystal Skull known as 'SYNERGY' (Sherry Whitfield.) Everything listed has been with Synergy for months, or even years! They are all fully "charged up" with the subtle energies and are ready to go!
Location: United StatesMember since: Nov 28, 1998Seller: azsherry
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Arrived well packaged, and it's every bit as amazing as described and pictured. I really enjoy buying from this trusted seller!
h***y (5289)- Feedback left by buyer h***y (5289).
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Always awesome items, fast shipping, packed with care, & excellent communication. Very highly recommended! Five star seller!
e***w (77)- Feedback left by buyer e***w (77).
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Beautiful and it arrived well packaged. I enjoy this seller's pictures and detailed descriptions (that are spot on!), and I couldn't be more pleased and grateful.
v***d (1571)- Feedback left by buyer v***d (1571).
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Extremely happy with this new addition to my collection. Beautiful colors adorn this piece of Chalcopyrite. This stone is an excellent example of how it got the name Peacock Ore. As pictured, well packaged with timely shipping. Very happy with my purchase and I would gladly purchase from this seller again. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
s***j (188)- Feedback left by buyer s***j (188).
Past 6 months
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Looks lovelier upon arrival than in the pics. Quick response from seller to ship. Great item at a reasonable price!
a***s (283)- Feedback left by buyer a***s (283).
Past 6 months
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This is a phenomenal Titanium Flame Skull and a phenomenal seller. I love that it had been charged with subtle energy from the Ancient Crystal Skull known as SYNERGY, which makes it even more special. Jaimee, Sherry's daughter, responded really quickly to my messages and answered all my questions. The crystal skull shipped quickly and it was very well packaged. It has a strong energy and is just gorgeous. I am so happy I saw this listing and will definitely return to this shop.