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Authentic Ancient Greek Roman Coins

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1970 INDIA FAO Food For All LOTUS & Lions Proof Silver 10 Rupee Coin i117312

$350.8060% off$25 off every $100

PROBUS 280AD Original Authentic Ancient Genuine Roman Coin SOL SUN GOD i118467

$50.8060% off$25 off every $100

MAUES Greek Indo Skythian INDIAN 125BC Rare Ancient Greek Coin ELEPHANT i115338

$318.8060% off$25 off every $100

JOHN HYRCANUS Ancient JEWISH Jerusalem Biblical Ancient Widows Mite Coin i104442

$238.8060% off$25 off every $100

1943 S UNITED STATES Mercury Winged Liberty Head Dime Silver Coin Fasces i112370

$158.8060% off$25 off every $100

103BC Ancient JERUSALEM Bible Greek Coin JEWISH Kng JANNAEUS HENDIN 1146 i118779

$10.8060% off$25 off every $100

ANTIMACHOS II 174BC Indo- Greek Ancient Silver Coin of India ZEUS HORSE i118697

$358.8060% off$25 off every $100

1931 (1923) ETHIOPIA Emperor Haile Selassie I & LION 50 Matonas Coin i113856

$258.8060% off$25 off every $100

Authentic JEWISH WAR v ROMANS Yr 2 Historical JERUSALEM Coin Hendin 1360 i118851

$30.8060% off$25 off every $100

SMYRNA in IONIA 190BC Apollo POET HOMER ODYSSEY ILIAD Ancient Greek Coin i118443

$90.8060% off$25 off every $100

GRATIAN 378AD Genuine Original Authentic Ancient Roman Coin Rome Roma i118721

$50.8060% off$25 off every $100

1957 Mexican Independence Benito Pablo Juarez Garcia Silver Peso Coin i101479

$158.8060% off$25 off every $100

JESUS CHRIST Class A2 Anonymous Ancient 976AD OLD Byzantine Follis Coin i112196

$638.8060% off$25 off every $100

c.1662AD CHINESE Qing Dynasty SHENG ZU Kang Xi Tong Bao Cash Coin CHINA i102042

$638.8060% off$25 off every $100

1863 United States CIVIL WAR Time PATRIOTIC with Shield INDIAN Cent Coin i93188

$158.8060% off$25 off every $100

1912 UNITED STATES US LIBERTY Antique Old VINTAGE w CENTS 5 Cent Coin i108523

$598.8060% off$25 off every $100

1987 UNITED STATES US Walking Liberty BALD EAGLE Silver Ounce Medal Coin i100670

$278.8060% off$25 off every $100

1190-1209 CHINESE JIN Dynasty Jurchen Zhang Zong Ancient Cash Coin CHINA i112263

$398.8060% off$25 off every $100

1902 Great Britain UK King EDWARD VII Silver MATTE PROOF CROWN NGC i84424

$2,198.8060% off$25 off every $100

PROBUS Authentic Ancient 278AD Genuine Roman Coin w PAX PEACE GODDESS i118459

$70.8060% off$25 off every $100

1973 BARBADOS Flying Fish in Ocean OLD VINTAGE Proof Dollar Coin i115091

$58.8060% off$25 off every $100

ALEXANDER III the GREAT 325BC Hercules Club Macedonia Ancient Greek Coin i118686

$278.8060% off$25 off every $100

1861 United States US Oath of Allegiance GEORGE WASHINGTON Mint Medal i118136

$2,497.00$25 off every $100

1926 PERU VFT South America LIBERTY Peruvian Antique Silver 1/2 Sol Coin i112849

$118.8060% off$25 off every $100

ELAGABALUS 218AD Ancient Marcianopolis Roman Coin MEDICAL SYMBOL SERPENT i118488

$70.8060% off$25 off every $100

1856 UNITED STATES US Silver SEATED LIBERTY Vintage Antique OLD Dime Coin i92828

$398.8060% off$25 off every $100

LICINIUS II Constantine the Great Nephew Ancient Roman Coin Victory Zeus i118319

$38.8060% off$25 off every $100

1968 Mexico XIX Olympic Games AZTEC Ball Player 25 Pesos Silver Coin NGC i98409

$598.8060% off$25 off every $100

MARCUS AURELIUS & LUCIUS VERUS Nicomedia Bithynia Ancient Roman Coin i112197

$998.8060% off$25 off every $100

1918 1327AH YR2 EGYPT Silver Flower Arabic OLD Silver 5 Qir Egyptian Coin i98845

$278.8060% off$25 off every $100

JESUS CHRIST Class A3 Anonymous Ancient 1020AD Byzantine Follis Coin NGC i80783

$1,398.8060% off$25 off every $100

1929 BUFFALO NICKEL 5 Cents of United States of America USA Antique Coin i43737

$26.8060% off$25 off every $100

Medieval Christian Byzantine Reliquary Cross Crucifix circa 1000 - 1200AD i95264

$3,998.8060% off$25 off every $100

Akmoneia in Phrygia 65AD Authentic Ancient Greek Under ROMAN NERO i117985

$598.8060% off$25 off every $100

KANISHA I of Kushan Empire North INDIA Ancient ANTIQUE Greek Coin OESHO i98267

$238.8060% off$25 off every $100

1973 SAN MARINO Italy 500 Lire 100L 50L Mint Set of 8 Coins 1 is Silver i114457

$398.8060% off$25 off every $100

CONSTANTINE II son of the Great Ancient Roman Coin LEGION WAR SOLDIERS i100626

$198.8060% off$25 off every $100

1990 JAMAICA New World Discovery Columbus OLD Proof SILVER 10 Dollar Coin i84812

$210.8060% off$25 off every $100

1904 UNITED STATES of America SILVER Morgan US Dollar Coin EAGLE NGC MS i80037

$478.8060% off$25 off every $100

ARIARATHES IV Philometor Cappadocia Kingdom 116BC OLD Silver Greek Coin i107588

$870.8060% off$25 off every $100

1965 Great Britain QUEEN ELIZABETH II Winston Churchill 5 Shillings Coin i113553

$270.8060% off$25 off every $100

Seleukos III Keraunos 225BC Seleukid Hercules Apollo Ancient Greek Coin i118752

$70.8060% off$25 off every $100

AUSTRIA Queen Cleopatra Antique OLD Advertising PROOF Silver Medal i95769

$310.8060% off$25 off every $100

ARCADIUS 404AD Christian Cross AUTHENTIC Ancient Original Roman Coin i118744

$98.8060% off$25 off every $100

GALLIENUS Sacrifices Altar 266AD Antioch Authentic Ancient Roman NGC Coin i89433

$318.8060% off$25 off every $100

1993 FOXWOODS Casino Wildlife Series Proof Silver Bingo Medal EAGLE i97333

$270.8060% off$25 off every $100

1stCenturyAD CELTIC BRITAIN Corieltauvi Tribe Gold Stater Ancient Coin i118112

$5,497.00$25 off every $100

1964 JAPAN Tokyo Summer Olympics CHERRY MT FUJI Silver 1000 Yen Coin NGC i105792

$590.8060% off$25 off every $100

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Very nice coin. Thank you! AAAAA+++++