Spring is all about comebacks. Just as warm weather returns and we see those first pops of green after a long, colorless Winter, our social and home lives take a huge uptick as well. We try out new activities, come back to the ones the climate wouldn't allow for, and we start all those projects we've been waiting to begin. Sellers on eBay have everything you need to go out and enjoy the new sun and have all the fun you couldn't have in the Winter.

Yard & Garden

Now that everything is finally in bloom, you want to be outside again in the fresh air. It is the perfect time to reclaim your outdoor space with a new arsenal of yard and garden supplies and decor. Seeds, fertilizer, and weed-killers control what grows and what does not, and how well. Find the perfect garden tools and mowers or other power equipment to maintain your back and front yard landscaping with the precision of a professional. From rakes to a new ride-on lawnmower, sellers on eBay have you covered. It's not quite grilling weather yet, but you can have picnics and afternoon iced teas in your near future. Begin plans for a pool or spa to enjoy in the oncoming summer. Add statuary, patio furniture, and other garden decor for a mixture of man made and natural beauty that you and your friends can enjoy in comfort.

Cleaning & Organization

They don't call it "spring cleaning" because it rhymes; it is the season of housekeeping. When the snow falls, suddenly all of your personal and social activities happen indoors where the air is uncomfortably dry and you're going to feel tempted to put off any home improvement projects. Then, it happens: Spring. It's time to move furniture around, shake the dust out of the curtains, and rework your inside the same way you have the outside. Replace your old vacuum with innovative models and other cleaning solutions that make tidying a snap. Grab some new closet organizers for the house and even some garage shelving or other organization supplies. Creating clear and identifiable places for every object you need.

Sporting Goods

Outdoor sports are all the rage. Without fear of icy roads, it's time to break out your bikes and skates and see how fast you can go down those roads and trails. A Frisbee and a few good friends out in the grass can mean hours of relaxing fun. Grab your golf clubs and hit the green. Team sports of all ages can meet outdoors again, and eBay has everything your team needs, with athletic equipment from soccer balls to cleats and other protective gear.

Women's Clothing

As the seasons change, so too does the fashion, and you get to break out all the colors you've been missing since the last leaves fell. Wear a lighter blouse and a jacket that lets you breathe, even if there's a slight breeze. Cute and colorful shoes become brilliant focal points, A new wristwatch or handbag becomes an excellent conversation starter. With countless offerings in regular and plus size clothing, debut a new look with confidence.

Men's Clothing

When the weather begins to shift, men's fashion trends are quick to catch up. Spring clothes are all about giving yourself a little space and enjoying the fresh air, even in menswear and shoes. The suits get lighter and the layers are less. Brighter colors in your watches and accessories are softer than their bolder summer counterparts. While you might not feel ready to break out the board shorts or the sandals common in men's summer wear just yet, a tasteful trouser and a light jacket can already feel like an enormous and welcome change. Try a new brand or a new style, and see what eBay's fashion department has to offer.

Outdoor Play

While heavy snow brings the promise of sledding and snowmen, coaxing children outside in the springtime is often far easier. Make the yard even more ideal for regular play and activity with a new swing set. Most playground sets let their imagination run wild. Many feature at least one swing and even slides and monkey bars—encouraging your children to be up and active in entertaining ways. Ride-on toys from miniature cars, hobby horses, to tricycles give your little ones mobility and additional room for pretend play. Toy dart guns and similar products turn your space into a competition of hiding, seeking, and firing, safe from injury.

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