Sell My Bicycle

How to sell a bike on eBay?

Whether you’re looking to sell a bike or just a bicycle frame, the first step is to determine the exact condition of your used bike or bike components. Wear and tear are inevitable on a used bike, so make sure the buyer knows about the real condition of your used bike, components, and gear. Be specific and clear in your listing about areas of wear and take pictures of any damaged areas. It’s best to make sure to clean your bike and gear thoroughly before listing.

Make sure you take several pictures of your used bike, components or gear to show all of the views and take your pictures in a clean and clutter-free environment. Check out this guide on how to take good pictures.

Finally, create a detailed description of your used bike and a great listing title. Include the brand, frame size, type of the bicycle and the bicycle condition in the listing title.

Can I sell used cycling parts or components on eBay?

Yes, there are many eBay buyers who are searching just for used cycling parts or components. Check out how much you can sell your bicycle frame for on eBay here and list it.

How to pack a bike after it has been sold on eBay

To begin, detach all bicycle parts including wheels, saddle, pedals, disc brakes and if possible also the rear derailleur and hanger. Then, to avoid unnecessary scratches, it’s best to wrap everything including the bike frame separately with dense foam padding and secure it with tape. It’s a good idea to pack the wheels in one extra layer of bubble plastic and use a separate box for them to avoid damaging the other contents of the whole package.

Finally, use a bicycle case to wrap everything together. If you don’t have a case available, use regular boxes with extra foam and padding so the contents don’t move.

Where can I sell my bike online?

eBay is the world’s largest marketplace and thus one of the best options to sell bicycle or cycling gear online.

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**Based on sales of bicycles on eBay in August 2017.