Sell Your Electronics

How do I sell electronics on eBay?

Whether you’re looking to sell a TV, computer, gaming console, or other electronics, the first step is to determine the condition of any pre-owned electronics. For example, if you're trying to sell used headphones but the built-in mic no longer works, you’ll need to note the issue in your description. After testing every feature of your electronic device, click the Sell button. From there, you’ll simply select the right category and follow the on-screen prompts to create your listing. Aside from the condition of your gadget, you’ll also want to list any details, such as model number, weight, and dimensions.

What are the best ways to ship electronics after selling them on eBay?

Electronics like headphones, speakers, and cameras are fragile, so make sure to wrap them with bubble wrap. Then, place them in a sturdy box and secure them in place with a dense layer of packing materials. Before sealing the box, make sure that you didn’t leave behind any accessories like AC adapters or extra batteries. If your package includes loose accessories, make sure to wrap them individually. Then, proceed to My eBay and print your shipping label.

How do I reset/wipe my electronics to sell them?

If your electronic device includes internal memory with your private data, photos, videos, or other media, you’ll need to clear the memory before selling. For a digital camera, smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, you typically would find this command within your main system settings. For a Windows PC, you would boot up from your installation disc and reinstall Windows. For Mac OS X, you would erase your operating system using your “Disk Utility,” which can be accessed through the “Utilities” folder under “Applications” in your main drive, and then reinstall it.

Is it better to sell my electronics together or in parts?

If you’re selling electronics “as is” because they don’t work properly, it may be worthwhile to sell the components individually. Your customers would consist of people seeking replacement parts, so they may be more interested in finding that part by itself. For electronics that are fully operational, it’s usually preferable to include all available peripherals and accessories, as this can maximize the value of your listing.

Can I sell my used electronics and upgrade to newer models on eBay?

You can sell both new and used electronics on eBay. When selling used electronics, it’s important to select the correct “Item Condition” for your listing so that buyers know exactly what to expect before making a purchase. You should be as transparent as possible about broken or missing pieces or any other flaws. By displaying all information clearly in an effective listing, you can attract more buyers.

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