Enphase Q-DCC-2 IQ Micro Inverter Replacement Adapter for MC4 DC Connector

ENPHASE Q-DCC-2 IQ REPLACEMENT ADAPTERS CONNECTOR CABLE SET with MC4 DC INPUTS Enphase Part Number: 840-00385 Enphase Model Number: Q-DCC-2 The Q-DCC-2 is an IQ inverter DC adapter set that connects the (+) and (-) DC outputs of PV Modules that use MC4 connectors to the DC input of the Enphase IQ series™ microinverter. This is a standard adapter that works with all existing IQ series inverter models. Only one connector set is required for each Enphase IQ inverter. Enphase Microinverter DC Connector Cables Degree of protection IP67 Operating temperature -40°C to +79°C Rated current 20 A Rated voltage 100 VDC Compatability PV module having MC4 DC Connectors 20A 79 DEGREES C 1717