ASUS Chromebook C100PA-RBRKT03 10.1in. (16GB, 1.8GHz, 2GB) Chromebook - Silver - C100PA-RBRKT03

Used Asus Chromebook C100P Flip. It's been sitting around for a few years but still works fine. Only cosmetic issue is the dent on top from when it got another laptop dropped on top of it. This hasn't affected the screen or anything else in any way, it's just a dent in the metal. I'll be honest, it's pretty slow, but it can still handle basic web browsing and Google docs/spreadsheets. Could be a good candidate to convert to Linux but I don't know anything about how to do that. Comes with the original charger as well as a padded, felt lined carrying case. Could be a great cheap laptop for a kid to do schoolwork or play basic mobile games on. If you have any questions send me a message and I'll get back to you ASAP. Thanks for looking!