Megabass Vision Oneten Glxs Spring Reaction Floating Lure

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AKA Tora
Elegy Bone (Out of stock)
FA Gill (Out of stock)
FA Ghost Wakasagi
FA Kisyu Ayu
FA Oikawa (M)
FA Wakasagi (Out of stock)
French Pearl OB
French Pearl US
GG Deadly Black Shad
GG Deadly Black Shad IL
GG Flashing Wakasagi (Out of stock)
GG Hasu (Out of stock)
GG IL Tennessee Shad
GG Perch OB
GG Megabass Kinkuro (Out of stock)
GG Perch (Out of stock)
GG Pro Blue
GG Threadfin Shad (Out of stock)
GG Trout OB
GLX Cotton Wakasagi
GLXS Spawn Cherry
GLXS Spring Reaction (Out of stock)
GP Chart Back
GP Crystal Shad
GP Pro Blue
GP Pro Blue II
GP Pro Perch
GP Sexy Shad
GP Skeleton Tennessee
GP Stain Reaction
GP Stain Reaction OB
HT Ayu
HT Hakone Wakasagi
HT Ito Tennessee Shad
HT ITO Wakasagi
HT Kossori Shad
ITO Wakasagi
ITO Clear Laker
ITO Natural
Kameyama Ghost Pearl
Killer Kawaguchi
Kohoku Reaction
M Champagne Kinkuro (Out of stock)
M Chart Back
M Cosmic Shad
M End Max (Out of stock)
M Golden Lime (Out of stock)
M Hot Shad
M RB Shad (Out of stock)
M Shad
M Stardust Shad II
M Western Clown (Out of stock)
Mat Tiger (Out of stock)
MB Gizzard
Megabass Sexy Shad
MG Secret Shadow
MG Sexy Stream
MG Vegetation Reactor (Out of stock)
Northern Secret
Ozark Shad
PM Setsuki Ayu
PM Twilight Chart Back
SB OB Shad
Secret Grape
See-Through Glitter Ayu (Out of stock)
Sexy Ayu
Sexy French Pearl (Out of stock)
Spawn Killer (Out of stock)
Stealth Wakasagi
Table Rock SP
Takumi Seochi Ayu
Wagin Ayu
Wagin Hasu
Wagin Hasu II
Wagin Oikawa
Wakin React (Out of stock)
Viper Tiger (Out of stock)
Dorado (Respect Series)
Genroku (Respect Series) (Out of stock)
GG Biwahigai (Respect Series) (Out of stock)
Hakusei Muddy Gori Copper (Respect Series)
Ito Gori (Respect Series) (Out of stock)
Moth-LA OB (Respect Series) (Out of stock)
PM Red Head (Respect Series) (Out of stock)
TLC (Respect Series) (Out of stock)
The Vision 110's advanced tungsten Multi-Way-Moving Balancer System not only fuels the Vision 110's action and flash but it also greatly increases casting distance as well. Standard Light Wire #143172419823 or MH Wire #143172242381.