La Splash Waterproof Lip Couture Liquid Lipstick Pick Your Color US 14212 Criminal

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LS14201 - Innocent Vixen (Out Of Stock)
LS14202 - Untamed
LS14204 - Till Midnight
LS14205 - Forbidden
LS14206 - Hidden Desires
LS14207 - Rose Garden (Out Of Stock)
LS14208 - Lollipop
LS14209 - Latte Confession (Out Of Stock)
LS14210 - Summer Bliss
LS14212 - Criminal
LS14213 - OG Ghoulish (Out Of Stock)
LS14214 - Ghoulish (Out Of Stock)
LS14215 - Phantom
LS14216 - Malevolent (Out Of Stock)
LS14217 - Vindictive
LS14218 - Venom (Out Of Stock)
LS14219 - Cryptic
LS14220 - Honey Blonde (Out Of Stock)
Detail of LIP COUTURE .