HP Workstation Z400 (500GB, Intel Xeon, 3.06GHz, 6GB) PC Desktop - FM066UT#ABA

HP Workstation Z400 (500GB, Intel Xeon, 3.06GHz, 8GB, x2 FX 380) PC UPGRADED - FM066UT SEE DESC With all coordinated for power no DVI we are selling these with partially upgraded hardware like 2 graphics cards (same ones.) and a 500gb drive we can easily upgrade them just contact. Some are a little scratched up but we have completely cleaned and checked them all, diagnosed, and tested. WE PROVIDE WINDOWS KEYS, message us for the OS you’d like and we will send you it with the key activated. Win 7/8/10/11, Server (standard), and any linux distribution we will pre-install WE HAVE MANY SERVERS AND WE CAN ADD RAM, CARDS HARDDRIVES AND MORE. CONTACT US TO SETUP AN EASY CUSTOM LISTING. NOT ALL INVENTORY IS POSTED!