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Using authentication and grading services

Whether you’re buying or selling collectible items like coins, stamps, or sports memorabilia, independent authentication or grading services can help you evaluate how much an item is worth.

Sellers can have their items authenticated by an independent expert before listing them, and buyers can get items evaluated before making a purchase to see if they’re getting a good deal.

What service to use

Authentication services can determine whether an item is genuine and described appropriately. Experts from these organizations can often detect counterfeits from subtle details.

Grading services determine the physical condition of an item; the system depends on the type of item graded.

Recommended authentication and grading companies

The authentication and grading companies listed below are professional, independent evaluators.

We have a pledge from these experts that they’ll offer their services to both buyers and sellers, and that they’ll maintain independence from any individual party. The authenticators have pledged not to buy or sell on eBay’s core site, keeping them out of competition with the buyers and sellers they serve. They’ve also promised to provide eBay users with competitive prices.

Authentication and Grading Companies

Sports autographs and memorabilia

Pre-certified autographs

Beanie Babies
Jewelry, diamonds, and other gemstones
Political memorabilia
Trading cards

Misrepresented items

If an expert says that an item on eBay is not accurately represented, we reserve the right to remove it. If this happens, we may refund the listing fee to the seller.

Sellers can promote the fact that an independent expert authenticated the item, that the item was examined by an experienced professional pledged to provide an unbiased opinion.

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