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Maximum shipping costs

When listing items in some categories, you’ll need to offer at least one shipping option that is equal to or less than the set maximum shipping cost.

You can offer multiple shipping options, such as expedited, overnight, or flat rate freight, including options that are more expensive than the maximum shipping cost.

However, you’ll need to offer at least one affordable shipping option to buyers that is within the limit; it must include all shipping costs, such as handling and required insurance.

You won't be able to list your item if you don't include at least one shipping cost that is less than or equal to the maximum cost.

How maximum shipping costs are determined

Maximum shipping costs are based on what sellers are charging for shipping (according to recent transaction data) and what buyers say they consider reasonable.

When buyers think that shipping costs on eBay are too high, they may make their purchases somewhere else. Having a maximum shipping cost helps buyers find items with reasonable shipping and can help you sell more items.

Maximum shipping costs by category

The table below shows the maximum shipping costs for the Books, DVDs & Movies, Music, and Video Games categories.

Books & Magazines:

Subcategory Description Maximum shipping cost
Accessories Address Books $20.00
Blank Diaries & Journals $20.00
Book Covers $20.00
Book Plates $20.00
Bookmarks $25.00
Other $20.00
Antiquarian & Collectible Antiquarian & Collectible $25.00
Audiobooks Audiobooks $20.00
Catalogs Catalogs $30.00
Children's Books Children's Books $20.00
Cookbooks Cookbooks $20.00
Fiction Books Fiction Books $20.00
Magazine Back Issues Magazine Back Issues $25.00
Nonfiction Books Nonfiction Books $20.00
Other Other $20.00
Textbooks, Education Textbooks, Education $20.00
Wholesale & Bulk Lots Audiobooks $35.00
Books > Up to 5 Items $20.00
Books > 6–10 Items $25.00
Books > 11–50 Items $30.00
Books > 51–100 Items $35.00
Books > 101–500 Items $40.00
Books > More than 500 Items $45.00
Magazines $35.00
Other $35.00

Movies & TV:

Subcategory Description Maximum shipping cost
DVD & Blu-ray Discs DVD & Blu-ray Discs $20.00
Film Stock Film $40.00
Laserdiscs Laserdiscs $25.00
Other Formats Other Formats $20.00
UMDs UMDs $20.00
VHS Tapes VHS Tapes $30.00


Subcategory Description Maximum shipping cost
Audio Media Accessories Audio Media Accessories $25.00
Cassettes Cassettes $25.00
CDs CDs $25.00
Other Formats Other Formats $25.00
Vinyl Records Vinyl Records $40.00
Wholesale Lots Cassettes $40.00
Other Formats $40.00

Video Games:

Subcategory Description Maximum shipping cost
Video Games Video Games $20.00
Consoles Video Game Console $50.00

Accessory Bundles $40.00
Batteries $20.00
Cables & adapters $20.00
Bags, Skins & Travel Cases $25.00
Chargers & Charging Docks $25.00
Controllers & Attachments $25.00
Cooling Devices $25.00
Faceplates, Decals & Stickers $25.00
Hard Drives $25.00
Headsets $25.00
Keyboards & Keypads $25.00
Memory Cards & Expansion Pack $20.00
Motion Sensors & Cameras $25.00
Screen Protectors $20.00
Styluses $20.00
Other Accessories $25.00
Games & Consoles Other $20.00
Consoles Other $50.00
Wholesale Lots Accessories $40.00
Console Systems $50.00
Games $40.00
Other $40.00

Large, heavy, or multiple items

If you're selling large or heavy items, multiple items, or an item bundle, you can use calculated shipping. Your buyer is charged actual shipping cost based on the package information you provide, the service you select, and the buyer's location.

International sellers

International sellers listing directly on eBay.com in the United States are also required to specify a shipping cost within the specified limit for the category.

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