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eBay Store newsletters

If you're an eBay Store seller, you can easily create and send email campaigns to buyers who've signed up to receive newsletters from your store.

Creating store newsletters is a great way to communicate with your buyers. You can let them know about your sales or promotions, new products you're selling, and help build a community of repeat customers.

Designing eBay Store newsletters

Our design templates help you create your store newsletter. You can choose from a welcome email template for new buyers or a Featured Listings template to let buyers know about the items you're selling.

Based on the template you select, we'll add standard text and feature items from your store.

Here's how to design and send an eBay Store newsletter:

  1. Select the Store tab in Seller Hub.
  2. Select Store newsletter, and then select Create newsletter.
  3. Choose the template you'd like to use.
  4. Select Customize to add a personalized message and select featured listings.
  5. Select Review to preview your email before sending.
  6. Hit Activate to send your email.

Your buyers can receive up to one newsletter from you each week. Your email will go out to your subscribers on the same day of the week each week, based on the frequency you select, and you can also choose weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

You'll be able to check when the email was created and when it was last sent by selecting Store Newsletter in Seller Hub. Ad-hoc emails have a status of "Sent" and recurring emails have a status of "Active".

Tips for creating eBay Store newsletters

Consider the following tips when you're creating your store newsletter:

  • Subject line — Enter the subject of your email or use the one provided. If you're creating your own subject line, consider personalizing it by thanking your buyer for their recent purchase or mention new items you know they'll love
  • Header — The header text appears at the top of your email and right above your store logo, name, and a link to your Storefront. Keep it short and sweet, and focus on what you're communicating to your customers
  • About Us — Use this section to tell your potential customers a little bit about your store, your brand, your commitment to customer service
  • Featured Listings — If you use the Featured Listings section, we'll choose the items to feature based on the criteria you select. For example, you could choose to highlight new inventory or items with a reduced price

What your store newsletters can't include

Your store newsletters can't include:

  • Offers to sell items outside of eBay
  • Phone numbers or email addresses
  • Links or image references to items not located on an eBay site
  • HTML tags, JavaScript or other active scripting

Creating store newsletters is a great way to let buyers know about your sales or promotions, new products you're selling, and help build a community of repeat customers.

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