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Product reviews

Product reviews are item ratings and comments left by buyers who previously purchased the product. We display product reviews on your listings to help buyers learn more about items they're interested in, and increase their trust and confidence.

When you create a listing, we use the product information you provide, such as the brand, MPN, UPC and EAN, to match your product with reviews from buyers who have already purchased the item.

There are 2 types of product reviews:

  • Verified reviews – left by buyers who purchased the item on eBay
  • Unverified reviews – left by customers who purchased the item off eBay

You’ll see a star rating out of 5 at the top of the listing which is an average of all reviews submitted.

Buyers can then select See all reviews to view more detailed reviews and product information.

If there aren't any reviews displayed on your listing, it could be because the item hasn't been reviewed yet, or because it isn't in our product catalog.

You can increase your chance of having product reviews displayed on your listings by including detailed product identifiers - opens in new window or tab.

Report a product review

We monitor reviews for violations of our community content policy and will remove any if they are inappropriate, inaccurate or unrelated to the product.

If you feel that a product review displayed on your listing is inappropriate or incorrectly matched, you can report it to us and we’ll investigate. Here's how:

  1. On your listing, select the exclamation mark beneath the review.
  2. Select the reason the review is inappropriate.
  3. Select Send.

We use the product information you provide when you create a listing, such as the brand, MPN, UPC and EAN, to match your product with reviews from buyers who have purchased that item.

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