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Promoted Listings

You can use Promoted Listings to give greater exposure to the items you’re selling. You can get your listing in front of more buyers, and you’re only charged for the ad if it helped your item sell.

Promoted Listings is available to all sellers in good standing with recent sales activity.

Promoted Listings

You can promote your listings using the business tool, My eBay - opens in new window or tab, Seller Hub - opens in new window or tab, or the Promoted Listings dashboard - opens in new window or tab.

To create a Promoted Listings campaign using the business tool:
  1. At the bottom of the Listing details page, check the Sell it faster - Promoted Listings box.
  2. Select an ad rate.
  3. From the Select a campaign dropdown menu, choose an existing campaign or a new campaign.
  4. Select List item.


To promote listings from My eBay Active:
  1. Open the dropdown menu beside the listing you want to promote.
  2. Select Promote listing.
  3. Use our trending ad rate or, under “Ad rate (%),” set your own rate. 
  4. Select a campaign.
  5. Select Promote listing now.

You can also edit or stop promoting a promoted listing in My eBay Active. From the dropdown menu beside the promoted listing, select Edit promoted listing. You'll then have the option to Update promoted listing or Stop promoting.


To promote individual listings from the Seller Hub Active Listings - opens in new window or tab page:
  1. Select the Promote listing bubble under the listing title or select the Edit dropdown beside any listing with the Promote listing bubble, then select Promote listing.
  2. Select Promote.
  3. Set an ad rate.
  4. Select an existing campaign or create a new one.
  5. Select Promote.

To stop promoting a listing at any time from the Seller Hub Active Listings page:

  1. Select the Actions dropdown menu beside the listing. 
  2. Select Edit promoted listing.
  3. Select Stop promoting
  4. Select Edit promoted listing to save your changes. 


To promote listings in bulk from your Seller Hub Active Listings - opens in new window or tab page:
  1. Check the boxes next to the listings you want to promote, or check the box at the top of your listings to select up to 200 listings at once.
  2. Select the Sell it faster dropdown above your listings, and then select Promoted Listings.
  3. Use the trending ad rate or select Advanced options to adjust ad rates or set a maximum ad rate.
  4. Select an existing campaign or create a new one.
  5. Select Promote.


To create a Promoted Listings campaign using the Promoted Listings dashboard - opens in new window or tab:
  1. Select Create new campaign.
  2. Choose either Select listings individually (up to 500 listings) or Select listings in bulk (up to 50,000 listings).
  3. We'll take you through the process: selecting which listings to promote, choosing how much you'd like to pay for the ads, and then reviewing and launching your campaign.

Selecting your Promoted Listings individually

If you choose to Select listings individually from the Promoted Listings dashboard, here's what to do next:

  1. Select the listings you want to promote: you can filter your listings based on criteria such as category, price, and quantity.
  2. Set your own ad rate or select Apply trending rate. The trending rate is the average ad rate, set by sellers, for similar items that sold through Promoted Listings.

Creating your Promoted Listings in bulk 

If you choose Select listings in bulk from the Promoted Listings dashboard, you'll be given two options: “Help me select my listings” or “I'll upload my listings in a CSV file.”

If you choose Help me select my listings:
  1. Check the boxes beside the eBay categories or Store categories that you want to promote.
    • We'll promote all listings in the categories you select (e.g. the coins category).
    • If you check the “Include all recommended listings” box, we will promote all recommended listings as well, even if those recommended listings are not in the categories you selected.
    • Any listings that are already being promoted in another campaign will not be included.
  2. Set your ad rates for each item. You can choose from the following options:
    • Exceed trending rates by X%: ad rates will be set to trending rate plus the selected percentage for each listing.
    • Apply a single rate to all listings: the same ad rate will be applied to all listings; this is a good option if you have a strict maximum rate you want to pay.
    • I will set my own ad rates: you choose the ad rate for each item individually by downloading the campaign file, editing ad rates, then uploading to eBay as a CSV (.csv) file.
  3. Review and launch your campaign.


If you choose I'll upload my listings in a CSV file:
  1. Prepare a CSV file with the item IDs that you wish to promote in column A and the ad rates for each item in Column B.
  2. Upload the file. (See file format specifications below.)

You can also edit your listings in bulk using a CSV file. Here's how: 

  1. Select Actions next to the campaign you want to edit.
  2. Download the campaign file and include trending ad rates.
  3. Make your changes to the CSV file and save the updated file. 
  4. Upload the file.
  5. Review and launch your campaign.

File format

  • The file needs to be in CSV format.
  • You can add up to 25,000 Item IDs in one file.
  • Ad rates can be provided in 0.1% increments.
  • Item IDs need to be in number format with no decimal points.
  • Do not use the “%” sign.
  • Large files may take up to an hour to upload.



Any changes you make to your listing will automatically appear in your ad.

For more information, see our video on promoting your listings in bulk - opens in new window or tab.

You can monitor the performance of your Promoted Listings in the Promoted Listings dashboard - opens in new window or tab.

Promoted Listings fees

You choose how much you want to pay for your Promoted Listings—we call this the ad rate. Based on the listing's quality, its relevancy to buyer search, its ad rate, and other factors, the Promoted Listings system determines which listings to show and where they are displayed.

Here's how the fees work:

  • You choose an ad rate from 1% or more of the item's sale price. The higher the ad rate, the higher the possibility of ad placement, leading to increased visibility.
  • Trending rates are calculated based on ad rates for similar items sold via Promoted Listings.
  • You will only be charged when a buyer clicks on one of your ads and then buys that item within 30 days.
  • The ad fee is based on the ad rate you chose.
  • Ad fees are shown on your seller invoice.

Visit our Seller Center to learn more about Promoted Listings.

Promoted Listings Lite

If you're using the quick listing tool, you can still advertise your item in premium places on eBay using Promoted Listings Lite.

To be eligible for Promoted Listings Lite, you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  • Your seller account is in good standing with an established sales history.
  • The listing is in fixed price format (auction-style listings, including auction-style listings with a Buy It Now option, aren't eligible).
  • The listing price adheres to our recommended price guidance.
  • The item is listed under any category except for Motors vehicle categories, Real Estate, and Travel.
  • The listing includes at least two pictures.
  • The item condition isn't listed as “parts not working.”
  • The listing doesn't offer local pickup.

Promoted Listings Lite fees

You'll only be charged a fee for a promoted listing if a buyer clicks on your ad then makes a purchase within 30 days. The fee is a percentage of the item's final sale price.

Here's how Promoted Listings Lite fees work:

  • A fee is selected based on the trending price for items similar to yours, which you will be able to see and confirm as you're creating your promoted listing. The fee represents a percentage of the final sale price of your item, excluding shipping and taxes.
  • If a buyer clicks on your promoted listing and then buys the item within 30 days, you'll be charged the ad fee.
  • If you accept a Best Offer price, the agreed-upon ad rate will be applied to the new Best Offer price.
  • If your item doesn't sell, or if a buyer finds your item through a non-promoted listing in search results, you won't be charged an ad fee.
  • Ad fees are shown on your seller invoice.

To learn more about Promoted Listings Lite, visit our Seller Center.  

FAQs about Promoted Listings

What if someone looks at my promoted listing but doesn't buy the item right away?

If a buyer clicks on your promoted listing, we only charge the ad fee if they buy your item within 30 days.

Am I charged multiple fees if a buyer clicks on my promoted listing multiple times?

No. You are charged the fee that applied when the buyer first clicked on your promoted listing within the 30-day window.

What fee am I charged if I revise my listing and change the ad rate?

You will be charged whichever ad rate was active when the buyer first clicked on your promoted listing within the 30-day window. You can't change the ad rate with Promoted Listings Lite.

What happens if I accept a best offer?

If you accept a Best Offer price from a buyer who clicked on that listing through Promoted Listings, you'll be charged an ad fee based on the final sale price.

Where will my Promoted Listings ad appear?

Promoted Listings will appear in prominent placements across eBay, including the search results page and related items section. Listings will only be promoted on the eBay site of the country you listed in, even if they feature international shipping.

Can listings be promoted on multiple eBay sites?

To promote listings on another eBay site (e.g. ebay.co.uk), log in to that eBay site and create campaigns using that site's local Promoted Listings tools.

How do I find out how my campaigns are performing?

For detailed metrics on how your campaigns are performing, go to your Promoted Listings dashboard - opens in new window or tab. From here you can monitor:

Impressions: The number of times your promoted listings have appeared on any eBay site

Clicks: The number of visits to a listing page from a promoted listing.

Sold: The number of promoted items purchased within 30 days of a click on your promoted listings

Ad fees: The total amount of fees incurred by items sold within 30 days of a click on your promoted listings

Sales: The amount of sales generated by promoted items sold within 30 days of a click on your promoted listings

CTR (Click-through rate): Clicks divided by Impressions. The CTR is the percentage of buyers who clicked on your promoted listings after seeing them.

Sales conversion rate: Sold divided by Clicks. The sales conversion rate is the percentage of promoted listings that are purchased after the buyer has clicked on them.

Average sold ad rate. Ad fees divided by Sales. This number represents the average ad rate for items sold within 30 days of a click on your promoted listings.


Promoting your listing makes it stand out with higher placements in search results, increasing your item’s visibility and likelihood of being sold.

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