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Creating listings with variations

When you have many similar items that have different variations, such as color or size, you can create a single fixed-price listing that includes all the variations you offer.

Each listing can have 5 variation details and up to 60 values for each of those details.

For example, if you’re selling shoes, your 5 variation types could be color, size, width, material, and style. Each of those details can have up to 60 values: 60 different colors, 60 different sizes, and so forth.

You can have up to 250 variations in a single listing for no additional fee.

The prices of your items can vary, but your payment methods and shipping costs must be the same.

How to add variations on eBay listings

Most categories are set up for eBay listing variations. You can create and manage your variations through the advanced listing form or Seller Hub. Each tool will walk you through the process.

When listing, do the following:

  • Describe the features of the item that are standard across all of the items.
  • Specify your variations and the options for each variation.
  • Review the variations to make sure your inventory matches exactly with the quantity selected for each variation; you can delete variations for which you are missing inventory.
  • Add pictures (up to 12 for each variation).
  • Add quantities and price, which can be different for each variation of your item.
Please note that if you’re selling in Parts & Accessories, your compatibility information must apply to all your variations.

If you relist your listing, any variations that are at a zero quantity will be relisted with the original quantity. You need to review and update your quantities to match your current inventory. If you plan on relisting regularly, we recommend listing with Good ’Til Canceled.

For similar items that have variations such as color or size, you can create a single fixed-price listing that includes all available variations.

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