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Vehicle, parts and accessories policy

Vehicles that sellers don't own, or those that don't follow government import regulations, as well as certain parts and accessories, are not allowed.

What is the policy?

The following types of listings are not allowed:

  • Leased vehicles or offers to lease vehicles
  • AutoCheck or Carfax reports
  • Deployed or rebuilt airbags and airbag covers
  • Vehicle titles cannot be included when offering parts
  • Oxygen sensor simulators
  • Malfunction indicator light eliminators
  • Anything that indicates it will defeat, bypass, or shut down emission control devices

Sellers can list the following items:

  • Vehicles with a valid Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) recognized by the eBay VIN decoder
  • If the VIN isn't recognized by our systems, the VIN must be included in the item description with an explanation as to why it wasn't accepted, such as:
    • The vehicle was manufactured for a model year before 1980
    • The vehicle was manufactured outside of North America
    • The vehicle wasn't intended for street-legal use
  • Pre-owned and new airbags shipped in accordance with applicable regulations using a carrier other than the US Postal Service
  • New airbags from sellers who receive their products directly from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM), and who are authorized to sell them
  • Imported vehicles certified by the United States Department of Transportation
  • New and used gasoline-powered vehicles registered in California that pass the California smog check
  • Catalytic converters that meet EPA requirements for aftermarket sale. Used catalytic converters must be recertified or listed as scrap metal, with no make or model information
  • Exhaust or down pipes in the Auto Racing Parts category that aren't described as street-legal

Activity that doesn't follow eBay policy could result in a range of actions including for example: administratively ending or canceling listings, hiding or demoting all listings from search results, lowering seller rating, buying or selling restrictions, and account suspension. All fees paid or payable in relation to listings or accounts on which we take any action will not be refunded or otherwise credited to your account.

Visit Seller Help to find details of any policy issues with your account or listings, and get the information you need to quickly resolve them.

Why does eBay have this policy?

This policy helps our buyers and sellers follow government regulations concerning the sale of vehicles and vehicle parts and accessories.


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