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Event ticket resale policy

Reselling tickets to events like concert, plays or sporting occasions is generally allowed on eBay.

Please read our full policy guidelines for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions


I bought a ticket from a seller and the event is canceled. What do I do?

If the event you bought the ticket for is canceled, contact your seller as soon as possible for more information on what to do next. If the event was postponed, keep hold of your tickets and wait for rescheduling information from the organizers. You can also request a refund from the seller if the new date is inconvenient.

I sold tickets to a buyer and the event has been canceled. What should I do?

If the event you sold the tickets for is canceled, you should get in touch with the buyer and offer a refund. They can then return the tickets to you and you may be able to get a refund directly from the outlet you originally bought them from.

If the event is postponed and your buyer opens a case for a refund, you should contact them and ask if they're willing to wait for the event to be rescheduled, in which case they can still use the tickets you sold them. If they're not willing to wait for the event to be rescheduled for any reason, you should ask them to return the tickets to you, issue them with a refund, and then relist the tickets.

Read our full policy

Event ticket resale policy overview

You can resell tickets to entertainment events, including sporting events, concerts, and plays. However, when you list a ticket on eBay, you're responsible for making sure that selling your item doesn't violate any applicable laws. Make sure that you follow the specific guidelines for ticket resale prices in your area.

You are also responsible for following the standards of professional conduct below.

If you bought a ticket to a canceled or postponed event 

  • If the event was canceled: Contact your seller for more information about what to do next
  • If the event was postponed: Wait for rescheduling information. Make sure you keep your tickets. Your original tickets will still be good for the new date

If you want a refund, open a refund request through the listing in My eBay.

If you sold a ticket to a canceled or postponed event

  • If the event was canceled: In some cases, you can get a refund from the ticket outlet automatically. In other cases, you may have to return the tickets. Please refund your buyers and ask that they return the tickets to you
  • If the event was postponed: If a buyer opens a request for a ticket refund, we encourage you to work with the buyer to resolve the issue. If the event is rescheduled, you may be able to get a refund from the ticket outlet, or you can relist the tickets

For more details on getting a refund, contact the ticket outlet where you originally purchased your ticket.

Make sure your listing follows these guidelines. If it doesn't, it may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?

Allowed Allowed

You can resell most event tickets as long as you make sure that the transactions don't violate any laws.

No matter where you live or on what eBay site you're registered, listings for events that take place in regulated locations must follow the guidelines for that location.

Restricted Restricted

Primary ticket sales

Primary tickets are tickets sold directly by the artist, team, promoter, or organizer of the event. Primary ticket sales are exempt from state ticket resale regulations.

You must clearly and explicitly state in the listing that it is an authorized first sale of the ticket to the public and that it's being listed directly by the artist, team, promoter, or organizer.

Send us an email if you want more help with primary ticket sales.

Ticket packages

Ticket packages are exempt from state ticket resale regulations. You can list ticket packages sales on eBay as long as they qualify as a ticket package.

To qualify as a ticket package, you have to sell a ticket with one of these combinations:

  • At least one item or experience of significant value that relates to the ticket event that you've coordinated with the event artist, team, promoter, or organizer. Here are some examples:
    • A backstage pass
    • A meeting with the performer
    • An "experience" like being a ball boy at a baseball game


  • A complete travel package for the event that includes:
    • Air transportation to the event location
    • Commercial lodging for at least one night

Note: You must include both the air transportation and the lodging with the event ticket.

Tickets to charity events and free events

eBay may prohibit tickets to major charity events and events where all tickets are free to the public.


Standards for professional conduct

To promote safe selling of event tickets on eBay and to make sure the sales follow all laws related to tickets sales, we've developed standards for professional conduct for selling tickets on eBay. These standards neither replace nor dismiss eBay's general seller rules and policies, but rather supplement those rules. Sellers need to follow these guidelines when selling tickets on eBay.

  • I agree not to sell, trade, produce, or advertise tickets that I do not have in my possession
  • I agree not to participate in any way in the advertisement, sale, or trade of any ticket using any deceptive practices including, but not limited to, false or misleading claims of sales scarcity, face value, or current value
  • I agree to promptly refund the purchase price for any ticket which has been deemed by the venue to be counterfeit or unacceptable for gaining entry to an event
  • I agree to abide by all federal, state, and local laws relating to the tickets sales

Why does eBay have this policy?

eBay encourages all ticket sellers to follow the guidelines and laws for ticket sales.

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