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Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs policy

Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs are often regulated, or illegal, and are not allowed to be listed or advertised on eBay.

Our policy guidelines provide additional details on the types of programs that are prohibited.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can online payment randomizers be listed?

No. The majority of commissions are typically earned by the recruitment of new members rather than selling products, and those types of program are not allowed on eBay.

Can I sell on eBay if my business runs a pyramid scheme?

You can sell items that follow our policies and guidelines, but advertising or listing pyramid schemes themselves isn't allowed.

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Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs policy overview

We don't allow listings or products advertising multi-level marketing programs (including online payment randomizers), matrix, pyramid, Ponzi schemes, and all similar programs on eBay. These programs are often regulated or illegal.

Make sure your listings and products follow these guidelines. If they don't, they may be removed, and you may be subject to a range of other actions, including limits of your buying and selling privileges and suspension of your account.

What are the guidelines?

Not allowed Not allowed
  • Multi-level marketing
    • This includes any business where you receive income from your own sales and income from your recruited members
    • Online payment randomizers (because the majority of commissions are paid for recruitment of new members, and typically operate by random placement within the program)
  • Pyramid schemes
    • These schemes often ignore the actual selling of products and services, and concentrate on the income you can earn by recruiting new distributors. Pyramid schemes might not involve selling products
  • Matrix programs
    • These programs involve the exchange of money primarily for being added to a waiting list for a product. If you're at the top of the list, you receive a product when a set number of people join after you join

Visit Seller Help - opens in new window or tab to find details of any policy issues with your account or listings, and get the information you need to quickly resolve them.

Why does eBay have this policy?

Since multi-level marketing, pyramid, matrix, and similar programs are illegal or regulated, you can't list them on eBay. eBay urges sellers and buyers to follow governmental laws and regulations.

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