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Listing your item with details from our catalog

You can create professional listings—and speed up the process—by using details and stock photos from the eBay catalog.

Our catalog is an online library of details and images for products across a wide range of categories.

When you list using our catalog, product information like brand, model number, dimensions, color, capacity, compatibilities, and professional photos can be automatically included in your listing.

Adding details from our catalog

Pre-filling your listing with product details and photos from our catalog is easy. To add details:

  1. Enter the UPC, ISBN, part number, or the product name of your item in the listing form - opens in new window or tab.
  2. If the product is in our catalog, you’ll see similar products.
  3. When you find the matching product, select See details to view the item information or choose Select to add the information to your listing.

You can read more about item specifics on our Seller Center - opens in new window or tab page.

Missing products

If you can’t find an item in the catalog, check to make sure your spelling is correct, or try searching with fewer or different words. When you use the product catalog, it’s important to select the right item so you don’t mislead buyers. If the catalog doesn’t have an exact match, you don’t need to use it.

If you have any suggestions for our catalog, you can email our catalog team - opens in new window or tab.

Sharing and using content

The product catalog consists of images and information provided by eBay members and other third parties. To make sure the catalog is accurate and up to date, we may add the photos that sellers upload to their listing to represent a product in our catalog. Photos are chosen at our discretion, and photos in every listing are considered for catalog inclusion—you can’t selectively choose which photos are considered for inclusion, and there’s no guarantee any of your photos will be added.

For more information, see our rules about intellectual property and our images and text policy.

Listing guidelines

When you select an item from the catalog, be sure it’s an exact match with what you’re selling. It’s against our search manipulation policy to use catalog details for a product you aren’t listing.

If a listing doesn’t follow our guidelines, it may be removed, and you could be subject to restrictions of your buying and selling privileges as well as suspension of your account.

You can quickly create professional listings by using details and stock photos from the eBay catalog.

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