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Appealing an unpaid item

Most sales go smoothly on eBay, but from time to time, buyers may not pay for an item they won in an auction or bought using Buy It Now.

If that happens, sellers can open an unpaid item case against the buyer. If we find that the buyer didn’t pay, we’ll record the unpaid item on that buyer’s account.

However, the unpaid item record can be removed if the buyer provides proof that they paid, or that the seller changed terms of the transaction, such as the price, shipping costs, or payment method, after the sale. The buyer can also appeal if they believe their account was accessed by someone else at the time the item was purchased.

When you win an auction or buy an item using Buy It Now, you’re contractually obligated to pay for it.

How to appeal an unpaid item

If you have an unpaid item recorded on your eBay account and want to appeal it, you should file an Unpaid Item Appeal - opens in new window or tab form.

You’ll need to provide proof that you paid for the item, that the seller changed the terms after you won it or bought it, or that your account was taken over at the time. We accept the following forms of proof:

  1. Email communication between you and the seller showing the item was paid for (include the email headers).
  2. A copy of your payment confirmation email or statement from your payment provider (such as your credit card or PayPal) that includes the email headers.
  3. If the seller left you positive feedback for the transaction, include the item number in the Unpaid Item Appeal form and we’ll look into it.
  4. Communications that the seller excused you from the transaction, such as an email from the seller saying you didn’t have to go through with the sale (include the email headers).
Appeal your unpaid item

Unpaid item records can be removed if the buyer provides proof that they paid or that the seller changed the price, shipping costs, or payment method after the sale.

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