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eBay gift cards

If you're buying for someone else and aren't sure what they'd like, an eBay gift card is a great option. We have gift cards for every occasion, and you can even choose custom designed cards based on the recipient's interests.

eBay gift cards are available in digital and physical versions, and can be used towards the purchase of almost any item on our site. To view your card’s balance, simply go to our Gift Card Balance Checker - opens in new window or tab and enter your 13-digit redemption code.

When you buy something on eBay, you can apply your gift card at checkout. If the balance on your card is more than the cost of the item, the unused amount will stay on the card.

If you don’t have enough money on your gift card to cover the cost of an item outright, you simply need pay the remaining cost using another payment method, such as a credit card or PayPal.

Buying a gift card

Digital gift cards are sent via email, and there are plenty of designs and occasions to choose from. Take a look at our range of gift cards - opens in new window or tab and decide which best suits you.

Physical gift cards are mailed to an address you choose, with free shipping. Many local retailers stock physical gift cards too so you can pick one up anytime. See our full list of participating retailers - opens in new window or tab for more.

Redeeming eBay gift cards

When you're ready to use your gift card to pay for an item, simply enter the redemption code in the Gift cards, coupons, and eBay Bucks field toward the bottom of the page at checkout.

  • With digital cards, you'll find the code in the email you receive
  • With physical cards, you'll need to scratch off the security coating from the back of the card to reveal the code

If there's a remaining balance on your gift card after you check out, it will remain on the card, and can be used the next time you buy an item on eBay. 

The first time you use a gift card, it’s linked to your eBay account – so it can’t be used with any other member’s account.

If you return an item you bought with an eBay gift card, the amount you used on the gift card will be refunded. You can then use the gift card redemption code again, as long as you're using the same eBay account.

Gift card restrictions

There are a few restrictions when using eBay gift cards.

  • eBay gift cards can't be used to buy bullion, coins, paper money, virtual currency, coupons, or other gift cards
  • Up to eight gift card and/or promotion codes are accepted per transaction. The codes include eBay gift cards, eBay Bucks, and coupons

You'll find more information about eBay gift cards on our frequently asked questions - opens in new window or tab page, or see the full terms and conditions - opens in new window or tab

Protecting yourself from gift card scams

To make sure your eBay gift card codes are safe from scammers, follow these tips:

  • Never give your eBay gift card redemption code or number to anyone
  • Only redeem eBay gift cards when paying for an item at checkout on eBay
  • Remember, if we need you to update your account or provide any information to eBay, we always send a copy of our request to your Messages - opens in new window or tab folder in My eBay. So always check there first. We'll never ask you to email us your personal information

If you receive what you believe to be a suspicious or scam email, let us know by forwarding it to spoof@ebay.com.

When you're ready to use your gift card to pay for an item, simply enter the redemption code at checkout.

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