Obus Forme Ultra Back Support Back Rest Conair Moller

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Obus Forme Ultra Back Support Backrest -Scientifically Tested.  Clinically Proven.

The Obus Forme Ultra Back Support Backrest is marketed in North America under two brands - Conair and Moller.  While the product names vary, it is exactly the same product.  It trades in the United States under a different brand than Canada.  A friend recently gave me one of the Obus Forme backrests to try and I was amazed how great it felt the moment I used it.

How It Works

The product has a concave and convex curvature that alleviates strain on the lower back and takes pressure off the lumbar discs by shifting your spine into it's proper curvature.  This forces your spine to shift into it's proper curvature.  The product also relieves pressure on the blood vessels and nerves in the upper body by shifting the shoulder blades upwards into the proper position.  Shifting your shoulder blades upwards also benefits your lung oxygen capacity allowing you to get more oxygen into your lungs and bloodstream resulting in increased alertness.


  • Color - Black

  • Size - Medium fits people 5'2" to 6'2" in height

  • Weight - 4.5 lbs

  • Dimensions - 30" X 15" X 5


  • The product comes with a handle to transport it with ease

  • The carbon fiber frame meets all fire safety standards as well as makes it lightweight

  • The safety straps help fasten it securely and avoid slipping and sliding in the chair


It can used in cars, office chairs, motor homes, wheelchairs and airplanes.  It also comes with a seat cushion that can be attached by the velcro straps to the back rest.  After using this product, I highly recommend it's use.

The Obus Forme Ultra Back Support by Conair / Moller is a great investment. It is advertised as "The back support that is clinically proven to relive back back pain."  I can confirm that is what it did for me!

Where It Can Be Purchased

I have added it to my store so you can pick one up there.  Click on Obus Forme Ultra Backrest Products to see them in my store.

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