How to Repair a Zero Gravity Chair

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How to Repair a Zero Gravity Chair

Designed to evenly disperse weight across the whole body, zero gravity chairs are becoming increasingly popular for their durability and for the level of comfort that they provide. While some zero gravity chairs work via remote and use electric motors to position the chair properly, others operate manually and simply tilt back. As such, it is important to understand a particular chair's reclining mechanisms and how they function in case repair becomes required. Self-repair is easy with a little background knowledge and a few parts found at retailers like eBay.

Replacing the Lacing on a Zero Gravity Chair

Zero gravity chairs use synthetic lacing to connect the chair's panels to the frame elements, and because the lacing bears the weight of the user, it stretches out over time. As such, chair owners should learn how to replace the lacing every few years in order to keep the chair in proper working condition.

Using a lace replacement kit, owners should first determine where each lace component goes on the chair, and all kits should contain specific instructions and diagrams to aid in this task. They should then remove the worn out lace from the chair's body by cutting the lace just below the plastic cap.

After removing the old lacing, owners should insert the fresh set of laces into the first grommet or frame catch from the front. Next, they should pull the lacing taut, but not tight, to the chair frame, then snap on the plastic cap that is included in the lace kit. To finalize the process, owners should even out any excess slack in the lace by reworking it through the holes. At this point, the zero gravity chair should once again provide adequate lumbar support and a sense of weightlessness.

Repairing the Mechanical Components on a Zero Gravity Chair

Some zero gravity chairs are manual in their design, which requires that users pull a lever or use their body to adjust the chair into a reclining position. However, other chairs are electric, operated via a small motor, and tend to be increasingly susceptible to mechanical failure.

If a zero gravity chair no longer reclines, owners can take several steps before contacting the chair's manufacturer. They should first examine the chair for any signs of loosescrews,nuts, or bolts, which users can easily tighten with a screwdriver or a wrench. If any components are missing, owners should determine whether there are any matching ones anywhere else on the frame. If so, they should note the size and replace the missing screw, nut, or bolt with one that does fit.

If the handle that operates the footrest becomes loose, it may be necessary to simply tighten the fasteners that adhere it to the chair. Conversely, if the handle is broken, owners should purchase a replacement part that fits in the original opening, preferably one made by the same manufacturer.

Zero gravity chairs typically have a metal or wood base. If there are noticeable cracks in the wood, owners can repair this with the application of wood glue and a clamp. For best results, owners should clamp the area until the glue completely dries. On the other hand, if the wooden base is completely broken, owners can mimic the pattern of the compromised base to make a new one and fasten it to the chair. Conversely, zero gravity chairs with a metal base are more difficult to repair. Since it is not possible to repair the metal, owners should consider replacing the metal base with a durable wooden one.

Repairing Tears or Holes in the Upholstery

If the upholstery of a zero gravity chair exhibits signs of wear and tear, whether that wear is in the form of holes, tears, or stains, owners can purchase upholstery patches to match the original pattern, color, and material. While some patches are self-adhering and can simply be cut to fit, other patches require attachment with fabric or with glue.

How to Buy a Zero Gravity Chair on eBay

There are many different types of zero gravity chairs available on eBay. You can search for this type of chair by inputting related key terms into the search field located on every eBay page in order to locate the chair you need. You can then use eBay's filters to further narrow your results by condition, by price, or by chair material. If you are purchasing a used chair that you intend to repair, you should carefully examine the condition of the chair. Purchasing a used chair to repair yourself is a great way to increase your cost savings, and you can repair many with just a few basic tools and parts commonly found around your home.

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