10 Things You Need On Your Front Porch

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10 inspirational ideas for adding warmth and charm to your front porch. Get ready to make that all-important good first impression!

First impressions are important. They are an introduction of sorts and can tell a story if you let them. As a homeowner and DIY girl from way back, I have tried very hard to make my front porch area welcoming and beautiful. It is, after all, my home's first impression. I love to decorate for the seasons and I believe there are countless ways to add character to a front porch. No matter what the size, there is always room for that personal touch. Here are my top 10 things, size permitting, that will allow your front porch to make that all-important good first impression.

1.) Seating & 2.) A Table

If there is room, add some seating. It can be anything from a small stool to a row of wood porch rockers. Sitting areas are welcoming and there are endless ways to accessorize them. Along with seating, add a table. It can be a small side table or a lovely big coffee table. The perfect place to set a drink or a seasonal pitcher of fresh flowers.

3.) Pots or Containers & 4.) Plants

Natural elements are important for any space, porches included. Even the tiniest stoop should have room for a pot filled with something green. Size doesn't matter and the warmth that plants add to an outdoor space cannot be accomplished any other way. My favorite thing to do is flank my front door with matching containers, filled with seasonal plants. Bridal veil in the spring, ferns in the summer, mums in the fall, and pine for the holidays.

5.) A doormat & 6.) A door wreath

Doormats and wreaths are the best way to show off your own personal style. Decorate your front door area with seasonal items or items that reflect the era or style of your home. I love to change my front door wreath and doormat with the arrival of each new season. I think I might be the only person alive who actually has a stash of doormats! One hint to save money is to reuse and repurpose your door wreaths. A grapevine wreath is inexpensive and can be decorated any way you like.

7.) Lights & 8.) Lanterns

Lighting is important to any space and a porch is no exception. Lights around the door area add interest and curb appeal. If an electrical outlet is accessible, add a lamp to your sitting area table. If not, lanterns are a great alternative. Make sure to use a flameless candle for safety.

9.) A Porch Swing

Porch swings are one of the symbols of small town America. They instantly provide charm and add coziness. If I was fortunate enough to have a porch big enough, I would add a porch swing without hesitation.

10.) An outdoor rug.

Outdoor rugs are a relatively new concept that I love. They are super easy to keep clean. Most can be hosed off and dried in the sun. They come in a huge variety of styles, sizes, and colors to fit just about any outdoor space. Definitely an option to think about!

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