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About Westminster Chime Clocks

When you first set eyes upon Westminster chime clocks, time stands still. These clocks date back to the days of Victorian-era London. They feature large faces with Roman numerals, and mark the passing of hours and minutes with long and straight or round and curved hands. On the hour, these clocks chant melodies of Westminster Quarters. These melodies, also known as Cambridge Quarters, trace origins to a historic church in Cambridge, England. These melodies, world-renowned, appear in many famous clocks, including Big Ben. To protect their valuable and delicate faces, you can find most Westminster chime clocks attaching to sturdy bases. Strong woods, like poplar, oak, and mahogany serve as foundations for these timely objects. The supporting bases feature smooth finishes and protective layers of glaze and lacquer, which adds shine and aesthetic appeal, and protects inner clocks from damage. You can find these clocks in assorted sizes. For an antiquated look, consider adding a Westminster chime wall clock to your living room wall. These clocks come in long, vertical designs featuring pendulums, and either hang from the ceiling or stand against the wall. Some clocks wind by hand, but you can find an electric Westminster chime clock too, which simply requires a supply of electricity for functioning. Choose from a vast inventory from reliable sellers on eBay.