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About Venom

You have loved Spider-Man since you were a child and have lost none of the love for Marvels famous wall-crawler as you have aged. Among all of Peter Parker's many enemies Venom has a special place in the heart of the fans. Originally picked up by Parker as a replacement costume during the Secret Wars saga, the character evolved to become a sentient alien that eventually bonded with Eddie Brock. Brock had a loathing for Spider-Man, and the two came together and became Venom, a dangerous dual-life form with a towering hatred for New York City's stalwart protector. If you are a big fan of Venom, you can find a huge range of Venom comics and books on eBay. You can also find plenty of other collectibles and memorabilia too, including a Venom costume for next Halloween, a Venom mask, or a range of clothing options featuring the black garbed killer. With a massive inventory, plenty of reliable sellers, and several shipping options, you can browse a huge selection of Venom memorabilia from the comfort of home.