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About Vaseline Glass

Pre-World War II, uranium glass was extremely popular with consumers. People also called it Vaseline glass, because in regular light, it looked a little like glowing petroleum jelly. Under blacklights, however, Uranium glass really shows off. It glows a luminescent yellow-green, although some pieces glow stronger than others due to their higher uranium content. In the 1940s, this type of glass became far rarer, as uranium deposits were redirected to wartime needs. Now it is quite easy to find antique pieces, and you can even find modern uranium glass. Decorative options in this bright chartreuse hue include candlesticks, ice buckets, candy and condiment dishes, and uniquely shaped figures. Many have Art Deco-style carvings or patterns that resemble those on cut crystal. Do not worry that there is radioactive material in these pieces; there is not enough uranium in even a large bowl to make the most sensitive, calibrated Geiger counter react. Whether you are looking for modern or vintage Vaseline glass, the vast inventory on eBay is the place to start looking. Everything from vases to water glasses is available, and they are all stunning collectibles, particularly in a grouping in your curio cabinet or china hutch.

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