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About Valentino Rockstud

Valentino knows that sexy is equal parts elegance and danger. By that definition, the Valentino Rockstud collection represents the essence of feminine allure. While most of the fashion items in this collection are shoes, you can also find hair bands, wallets, purses, phone cases, cardholders, bracelets, and handbags. The distinguishing feature of the Rockstud collection is the use of leather and metal studs. To makes its footwear both practical and luxurious, Valentino exclusively uses patent leather, Nappa leather, and calfskin for the Rockstud collection. Each Rockstud shoe comes with polished gold or black pyramid-shaped ruthenium studs lining its strap or cuff. These studs glint in any light and add an aura of dark mystery that greatly complements an evening dress. Even on boots, these studs never look vulgar but keep the sensuous side of the Valentino brand. For a touch of Rockstud's charm during the daytime, pick a matching stud-lined tote from this Valentino collection. Fortunately, you can find a wide selection of the fashion items in the Valentino Rockstud collection offered by trusted sellers on eBay.