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About Tonka Cars

It kinda-sorta happened by accident; in 1946 three entrepreneurs purchased an old toy factory with the intent to manufacture and sell tools, but since the factory was already set up to manufacture toys, the businessmen thought that they could develop a nice, little side line to their tool business. Their little side line, however, soon mushroomed into a full-fledged business, and Tonka car and truck toys have been rolling off the assembly line ever since. Whether you are shopping for the young Tonka connoisseur in your home, or are a seasoned vintage toy collector, you can find something to bring home when you explore the selection of Tonka car and truck varieties offered by reliable sellers on eBay. Small Tonka cars forged in plastic or soft materials are easy for little hands to grip, and Tonka remote control cars are ideal for older children (and some husbands). Build your own nostalgic collection with a vintage Tonka car or truck, like a retro-cool blue VW Beetle, a green metal Tonka car hauler from the 1960s, or a yellow Tonka "Fun Buggy," circa 1970. Click, order, play.