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About Through The Looking Glass

If nonsensical wordplay, raucous fun, and unbridled phantasmagoria sound like fun to you, "Through the Looking Glass" is definitely the classic you will want to add to your library. This is the lesser-known sequel to the very popular "Alice in Wonderland" title by Lewis Carroll. Join Alice as she descends once more into a world where logic is not solid and nothing is as it appears. Lewis Carroll's "Through The Looking Glass" is an all-new adventure that children will find hilariously entertaining and adults will find philosophical and eye-opening. Dealing with issues of logical consistency and making exceptionally brilliant use of language, Lewis Carroll shows off his wit and guile in this classic novel. You can find both "Alice in Wonderland" and "Through the Looking Glass" available on eBay from many reliable sellers. If you are looking for a fun, easy-to-read book that will challenge your perception of reality, "Through the Looking Glass" is a title that should find a home on your bookshelf.