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About Thierry Rabotin Shoes

While many women's shoes look good, being fashionable often comes at a painful price. That is definitely not the case with the creations of designer Thierry Rabotin. This mastermind crafts beautiful shoes that feel as good as being barefoot. He is able to create this feeling by employing only the finest-quality fabrics and utilizing age-old Italian design tools. Rabotin's work often features premium quality leathers and sacchetto construction techniques. Rabotin's designs range from the classic to the experimental. He creates raised sandals, glittery wedges, and simple flats. One of Thierry Rabotin's greatest creations is his take on the wedge. Rabotin's wedges vary from the simple, sandal design explored by other designers to the edgy, vamped pump of the Aida wedge. His boots maintain the look of high fashion without sacrificing on feel and fit. When it comes to women's shoes, few can boast of the combination of accessibility and aesthetics on offer in a Thierry Rabotin creation. With nearly forty years of production, his work is here to stay, with a wide selection available from the vast inventory on eBay.

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