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About Tattoo Flash

No longer the mark of the outlaw or the sailor, the tattoo is not just a type of body modification but a widely appreciated art form these days. Collecting tattoo flash is a great way for fans of tattoo art to explore unique designs and ideas. In its most traditional sense, the tattoo flash is a "sample" created by an artist as a way for customers to view potential tattoos or an artist's particular style. Today the tattoo flash is an art in and of itself, with artists focusing exclusively on producing, trading, and selling these tattoo displays. Sizes can vary, but the majority of tattoo flash pieces in the U.S. are created on 11x14-inch paper, making them a great size for display on a wall. Fans can also find tattoo flash in a range of styles, from the ornate iconography of Japanese tattoo flash to the retro styling of vintage tattoo flash. Look into your own options as a collector or fan of tattoo art by exploring the wide inventory available on eBay.