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About Tacoma Tailgate

You love the heavy, sturdy, and reliable feel of your Tacoma tailgate as you latch it into place after a long day of work. If any damage befalls your trusty tailgate, there are replacement options available within the large inventory on eBay. These parts are capable of securing your items in the bed of the truck because they are made from heavy-gauge steel, and they feature a solid Tacoma tailgate lock. Replacement locks are available separately if this is the only part of the tailgate in need of an upgrade. Many Tacoma tailgates have protective coatings to safeguard against rust and corrosion. These coatings sometimes receive hundreds of hours of salt-spray testing to ensure their effectiveness. The tailgate can also accommodate a power lock and/or a Tacoma tailgate camera. A tailgate camera connects to a screen in the cab, allowing the driver to reverse with more confidence, thanks to a better view of the area behind the truck. You can look for a Tacoma tailgate specifically for your vehicle's model year. However, as the tailgate is a design element that does not differ dramatically from year to year, one tailgate may be compatible with nearly a decade of Tacoma models.