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About Stormtrooper Costumes

The fearless foot soldiers of the Galactic Empire are on the march, and soon every lawn and driveway on the trick-or-treating route feels their jackbooted tread. A Stormtrooper costume is the classic "Star Wars" Halloween getup, instantly iconic and recognizable by the polished white plastic-or plasteel for those who know-armor and skull-like helmet. Stormtrooper armor is also unquestionably the best group-costume you and a small army of friends could possibly pull off without being totally impossible to coordinate effectively. With an adult Stormtrooper costume for each of you, suddenly you are a cosplay legion of the Empire's best and bravest with blaster rifles polished and armor spotless. The types of Stormtrooper costumes vary from cloth mockups to full recreations of their iconic armor, and prices vary accordingly with the difficulty of fitting and manufacture. Find these collectible costumes on eBay where qualified sellers and purveyors of all things nerdy and awesome offer access to a huge inventory of "Star Wars" costume supplies and patterns. They also offer reasonable shipping options to buyers.