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About Slide Bracelets

You have always thought that a slide bracelet was a versatile piece of jewelry to own, and you have been captivated by them since you were a little girl when your grandmother always let you wear her antique slide bracelet during your visits with her. Through the years, you have searched for bracelets that were similar to the one of Granny?s that you adored, and just yesterday, a co-worker told you about eBay. She informed you that there are reliable sellers who offer a vast selection of jewelry and even carry new and used slide bracelets. When you investigated the site yourself, you were pleased to see that they offered a range of slide bracelets from which to choose. You ended up choosing an adorable 14K slide bracelet that was quite similar to the one you remembered from your youth, as the rare Joshua vintage estate slide bracelet came complete with 11 charms and 22 pure gold beads and carried a total weight of 25.5 grams. The double safety clasp keeps it from falling off, and the beautiful diamonds and rubies, and other precious gems not only look radiant in the light, but they allow you to feel just like that little girl sitting on Granny?s couch again.