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About Screen Printing Machine

While others dream of finding success on screen in Hollywood, you can find big-screen success a little closer to home, thanks to screen printing machines. These machines come from many brands, including Yuda, Canon, and Sharp. They range in size from small single devices capable of printing one standard-size letter print at a time to large commercial-size units, capable of printing large quantities of graphics on various surfaces. You can find machines suitable for specific purposes, like T-shirt screen printing machines. These machines feature units with a smooth, flat work surface and adjustable cover, which locks in place to ensure shirts do not move. These units have heat presses, and some provide instant heat upon application of printing paints, creating an instant finish. Some units feature stationary designs, while others sport rotating arms, which circulate air to expedite drying. Smaller machines feature single press plates, while larger ones, like four-color screen printing machines, hold four or more items. While some screen printing machines operate using electricity or plug into your computer, others require manual operation. You can browse a large inventory of machines on eBay and narrow your selection by size, brand, color capacity, and more.