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About Scan Tool

When the ominous Check Engine light pops on, it strikes fear into the deepest corners of your heart as you worry that the repair bill could break the bank. Managing simple repairs at home can save you a bundle, and it is easy to find out if self-repairs are possible by using a scan tool to diagnose engine problems. The easy-to-use devices plug into ports on vehicles' internal computer systems to communicate and produce diagnostic codes that identify a whole range of problems. It is not necessary to have mechanical experience to use these tools. Sophisticated scanning equipment also offers some helpful advice for ways to repair many types of issues. New and used automotive scan tools are available on eBay for almost any type of vehicle. Snap-on scan tools are popular options made by a trusted brand, and the tools retrieve and read both specific and generic trouble codes to give you access to a wider range of solutions. With a scan tool to help you identify simple problems, you can take care of many simple repairs in your own back yard at a fraction of the cost.