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About Scale Models

Oh no, the turbulence is too much for the plane and it goes into a tailspin. The little girl careens around the yard with her scale model airplane. Scale aircraft modelling is a classic pastime for children and adults. It requires patience and fine motor skills, so it is best for older children, but young ones can also take part in the fun once the model is built. Scale models are built according a given proportion, such as 1:8 or 1:72. For example, scale model cars may be built in a 1:32 scale which means they have one inch for every 32 inches on the real car. Scale model kits make it easy for beginners to assemble their first models, while advanced builders often build their models from scratch, with greater attention to detail. Others simply like to collect scale model vehicles. Regardless of how your hobby develops, a huge selection of scale model cars, planes, and even construction machines is available on eBay.