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About RV Water Heater

Singing in the shower turns into shrieking when a broken RV water heater leaves you without any hot water. Taking the comforts of home with you on vacation is one of the greatest perks of owning an RV, but a broken water heater can be easily replaced before a lack of hot water ruins your trip. Many water heaters operate off of propane, and an RV propane water heater can be a good option for you if your RV is already equipped for propane and you have a propane source. Electric water heaters, on the other hand, run on the electricity in your RV, so you do not need an extra propane source. If you want to upgrade your system, consider purchasing an RV tankless water heater that provides you with unlimited hot water on demand. These units do not have the 6- to 10-gallon tank that other RV water heaters have, but rather heat the water as it runs through the unit. Tankless RV water heaters are either propane or electric, so you want to choose the unit that works in your RV. With the large selection available on eBay, you can get back to hot showers in no time.