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About Ruby - Jewelry & Watches

Symbolizing power, love, and passion, the ruby comes in various shades of red and is the official gemstone for those with birthdays in July. Considered one of the four precious stones, deep red rubies have the most value. Showcase your love for the gemstone with a ruby necklace set with multiple stones or a single heart-shaped pendant. Choose natural rubies for a more bohemian style or finished and polished stones to project a sophisticated vibe. Ruby rings set in gold or silver with diamond insets make excellent engagement rings for women who like to buck tradition with a little color. A vintage ruby ring makes a treasured family heirloom gift you can pass down for generations. Reliable sellers on eBay offer loose rubies and ruby jewelry in numerous styles. Search the vast inventory to find the stones you want. Enjoy glittering blood red or lighter pink ruby bracelets, earrings, and jewelry sets and add some color to your wardrobe with a prominent display of this precious gem.