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About Roomba Battery

Watching Tiny Tony, your Roomba vacuum cleaner, waddle across the room is one of your few guilty pleasures. But recently the little bot became sluggish, and you found that it needed a new Roomba battery. Roomba vacuum cleaners use a standard battery pack made by coupling multiple smaller batteries together. You should replace the OEM battery that came with the bot with a high-capacity Roomba NiMH battery. An NiMH battery can be fully charged and completely drained without suffering from the memory effect that plagues some other types of batteries. With a capacity of 3.5 AH and supplying a steady voltage of 14.4 volts, this rapid-charge battery can significantly prolong the clean cycle of your Roomba vac. You can find this iRobot Roomba battery among the wide selection of vacuum parts and accessories offered by reputable sellers on eBay. Once Tiny Tony gets its replacement Roomba battery, it can go back to tormenting your cat. And cleaning the apartment, of course.