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About Rainbow Moonstone

At a party that you attended last weekend, you saw a woman wearing a piece of jewelry that just captivated you: a gorgeous rainbow moonstone necklace and bracelet set. The dazzling pieces sparkled with the light, changing colors depending upon the direction she was standing. You knew right then you would have to find your own rainbow moonstone jewelry, and asked her where she had found such an exquisite piece. She told you in a hushed tone that eBay has a wide variety of jewelry from reliable sellers, so as soon as you got home that evening, you searched on the site for rainbow moonstone jewelry. Almost immediately, you found a beautiful rainbow moonstone pendant that caught your eye. The amethyst rainbow moonstone pendant was trimmed in sterling silver with delicate silver leaves surrounding it. As soon as your pendant arrived, you placed it around your neck, and carefully touched all of the intricate etchings as the light reflected off the stone to create an array of colors.