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About PSX

As a result of the widespread growth of home media and video gaming integration, consumers are continually searching for new ways to experience their favorite video games, while still being able to enjoy television, record television programs, and hook their console up to different media sources. Furthermore, due to the massive following of the PlayStation 2 and because of all of the innovative games that came on this device, the PSX serves as one of the most comprehensive video game and digital video recorders on the market. Arriving in 2003 from Japan, the Sony PSX features EmotionEngine and Graphics Synthesizer semiconductors, equivalent CPU and graphics rendering processors from the PS2, and a high-speed, high-definition graphical user interface to give consumers a PS2, TiVo, and DVD-R experience all rolled up into one package. Although the PSX console is quite difficult to find in many gaming shops, you can easily get your hands on one in no time at all by checking out all of the brand-new, pre-owned, and refurbished consoles available from reliable sellers on eBay. You can take your gaming and television experience to futuristic levels by supplementing your home theater with a portable and convenient PSX.