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About Polaris 800 Engine

When the snow begins to fall, some people hunker down indoors waiting for an end while others suit up for fun with only one thing on their minds: snowmobiling. Keeping your Polaris 800 engine in top shape guarantees that when those flakes start to fall, you are ready to maneuver, accelerate, and speed through the ice and slush with power and style. The 800 Cleanfire H.O. engine comes standard with all Polaris 800 snowmobile models. The four-stroke, twin cylinder engine uses the AXYS platform to deliver class-leading acceleration. The inner workings of the Polaris 800 engine tell the story completely, and include three-stage electronic exhaust valves, an electronic oil pump, and a high-efficiency intake and exhaust systems. A lightweight engine, the 800 Cleanfire resides in a strategic location within the Polaris 800 chassis to balance weight and optimize performance. Whether you need the parts to repair a Polaris 800 engine or a complete replacement, the large inventory of snowmobile parts on eBay is a great place to start. When the white flakes fall, everyone has a choice: stay inside and hide or go outside and play. With a snowmobile waiting and its powerful engine running strong, the best option is obvious.

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