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About Pointe Shoes

When needing to be on your toes, simply invest in pointe shoes. These shoes look elegant and glamorous while dancing onstage. However, they perform essential functions too, keeping dancers in proper form as they execute various dance moves. Despite a dainty look, these beautiful shoes prove quite durable. They feature tips with little boxes, which form from layers of fabric, cardboard, and sometimes papers glued together into a tight wad. These boxes take up a small amount of space, but have very high levels of strength. After all, they single-handedly support the body weights of dancers wearing them. Covering the hard front boxes in pointe shoes are softer materials such as cotton, velvet, satin, and leather. Cotton and satin form the inner layers of these slippers, keeping the feet warm and dry with their breathable fibers and moisture-wicking capacities. Leather forms the second layer of these shoes. It serves as a valuable shoe material by offering strength and a rigid texture. This helps stabilize feet during poses and expands the longevity of these shoes by resisting tearing and stretching. Lastly, outer layers of shiny fabrics like velvet and satin add a lush and shiny look. On eBay, a large inventory lets you search for these slippers from many brands. You can look for your favorite like Bloch or So Danca, to outfit your feet in the pointe shoe that fits you.